The potential to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and global climate change is one factor driving agricultural policy development of programs that might pay farmers for practices with a high potential to sequester carbon. With chapters by economists, policy makers, farmers, land managers, energy company representatives, and soil scientists, Agricu

chapter 1|10 pages

Carbon Sequestration and the Integration of Science, Farming, and Policy

ByJohn M. Kimble, L. R. Everett, Ronald R. Follett, Rattan Lal

chapter 3|10 pages

Why Carbon Sequestration in Agricultural Soils

ByRattan Lal

chapter 7|16 pages

Climatic Influences on Soil Organic Carbon Storage with No Tillage

ByA. J. Franzluebbers, J. L. Steiner

chapter 8|12 pages

Long-Term Effect of Moldboard Plowing on Tillage-Induced CO2 Loss

ByD. C. Reicosky

chapter 9|8 pages

Tillage — Soil Organic Matter Relationships in Long-Term Experiments in Hungary and Indiana

ByErika Michéli, Beata Madari, Etelka Tombácz, Cliff T. Johnston

chapter 12|14 pages

Analysis and Reporting of Carbon Sequestration and Greenhouse Gases for Conservation Districts in Iowa

ByJohn Brenner, Keith Paustian, George Bluhm, Kendrick Killian, Jan Cipra, Brian Dudek, Steve Williams, Timothy Kautza

chapter 13|14 pages

Comparing Estimates of Regional Carbon Sequestration Potential Using Geographical Information Systems, Dynamic Soil Organic Matter Models, and Simple Relationships

ByP. D. Falloon, P. Smith, J. Szabó, László Pásztor, J. U. Smith, K. Coleman, S. J. Marshall

chapter 14|10 pages

Soil C Sequestration Management Effects on N Cycling and Availability

ByW. R. Horwath, O. C. Devevre, T. A. Doane, A. W. Kramer, C. van Kessel

chapter 15|12 pages

Land-Use Effects on Profile Soil Carbon Pools in Three Major Land Resource Areas of Ohio

ByA. Lantz, Rattan Lal, John M. Kimble

chapter 16|6 pages

CQESTR — Predicting Carbon Sequestration in Agricultural Cropland and Grassland Soils

ByRon. W. Rickman, Clyde L. Douglas, Jr., Stephan L. Albrecht, and Jeri L. Berc

chapter 18|14 pages

State-Level Analyses of C Sequestration in Agricultural Soils

ByKeith Paustian, John Brenner, Kendrick Killian, Jan Cipra, Steve Williams, Edward T. Elliott, Marlen D. Eve, Timothy Kautza, George Bluhm

chapter 21|8 pages

Soil Fertility Management with Zeolite Amendments: II. Zeolite Effect on Maintaining Soil Eh

ByK. Chakalov, T. Popova, Ekaterina Filcheva

chapter 22|8 pages

Effect of Crop Rotation on the Composition of Soil Organic Matter

ByEkaterina Filcheva, T. Mitova

chapter 23|10 pages

Application of a Management Decision Aid for Sequestration of Carbon and Nitrogen in Soil

ByAlan Olness, Dian Lopez, Jason Cordes, Colin Sweeney, Neil Mattson, W. B. Voorhees

chapter 24|12 pages

Soil Carbon Turnover in Residue Managed Wheat and Grain Sorghum

BySven U. Bóhm, Charles W. Rice, Alan J. Schlegel

chapter 25|14 pages

Organic Carbon Sequestration by Restoration of Severely Degraded Areas in Iceland

ByOlafur Arnalds, Asa L. Aradottir, Gretar Gudbergsson

chapter 27|10 pages

Short-Term Crop Rotation and Tillage Effects on Soil Organic Carbon on the Canadian Prairies

ByB. C. Liang, B. G. McConkey, C. A. Campbell, A. M. Johnston, A. P. Moulin

chapter 28|8 pages

Soil Organic Carbon Sequestration Rates in Reclaimed Minesoils

ByV. Akala, Rattan Lal

chapter 29|10 pages

Efficiencies of Conversion of Residue C to Soil C

ByC. A. Campbell, B. G. McConkey, S. Gameda, C. Izaurralde, B. C. Liang, R. P. Zentner, D. Sabourin

chapter 30|8 pages

Changes of Organic Matter and Aggregate Stability of the Arable Surface Waterlogged Soils

ByRaina Dilkova, Ekaterina Filcheva, George Kerchev, Milena Kercheva

chapter 31|14 pages

Designing Efficient Policies for Agricultural Soil Carbon Sequestration

ByJohn M. Antle, Siân Mooney

chapter 32|12 pages

Economic Feasibility of Soil C Sequestration in U.S. Agricultural Soils

ByM. Sperow, R. M. House, Keith Paustian, M. Peters

chapter 33|8 pages

Emissions Trading and the Transfer of Risk: Concerns for Farmers

ByJohn Bennett, Dave Mitchell

chapter 34|4 pages

Sequestering Carbon: Agriculture’s Potential New Role

ByJim Kinsella

chapter 35|6 pages

Public Policy Issues in Soil Carbon Trading

ByAndrew P. Manale

chapter 36|8 pages

The Politics of Conservation

ByWilliam Richards

chapter 38|8 pages

Role of Agro-Industries in Realizing Potential of Soil C Sinks

ByBruno A. Alesii

chapter 39|14 pages

Potential for Carbon Accumulation under Brachiaria Pastures in Brazil

ByR. M. Boddey, S. Urquiaga, B. J. R. Alves, M. Fisher

chapter 40|14 pages

Carbon Content of Desert and Semidesert Soils in Central Asia

ByE. Lioubimtseva, J. M. Adams

chapter 41|10 pages

Pastureland Use in the Southeastern U.S.: Implications for Carbon Sequestration

ByR. T. Conant, Keith Paustian, Edward T. Elliott

chapter 42|16 pages

On-Farm Carbon Sinks: Production and Sequestration Complementarities

ByJeffrey Hopkins

chapter 43|10 pages

Carbon Balances in Hungarian Soils

ByTamás Németh, Erika Michéli, László Pásztor

chapter 44|12 pages

Some Key Uncertainties in the Global Distribution of Soil and Peat Carbon

ByJ. M. Adams, E. Lioubimtseva

chapter 45|8 pages

Organic Carbon Stocks in Soils of Bulgaria

ByEkatarina Filcheva, S. V. Rousseva, A. Kulikov, S. Nedyalkov, T. Z. Chernogorova

chapter 46|6 pages

Assessment of Soil Organic Matter Layers Deposited at Open Pit Coal Mines

ByL. Petrova, M. Banov, V. Somlev

chapter 47|10 pages

Organic Carbon Stores in Alaska Soils

ByC. L. Ping, G. J. Michaelson, John M. Kimble, L. R. Everett

chapter 48|8 pages

Agricultural Practices and Policy Options for Carbon Sequestration: What We Know and Where We Need to Go

ByJohn M. Kimble, Rattan Lal, Ronald R. Follett