Handbook of Ecotoxicology, Second Edition focuses on toxic substances and how they affect ecosystems worldwide. It presents methods for quantifying and measuring ecotoxicological effects in the field and in the lab, as well as methods for estimating, predicting, and modeling in ecotoxicology studies. Completely revised and updated with 18 new chapt

chapter 1|16 pages


part |2 pages

Section I: Quantifying and Measuring Ecotoxicological Effects

chapter 2|26 pages

Aquatic Toxicology Test Methods

ByWilliam J. Adams, Carolyn D. Rowland

chapter 3|30 pages

Model Aquatic Ecosystems in Ecotoxicological Research: Considerations of Design, Implementation, and Analysis

ByJames H. Kennedy, Thomas W. LaPoint, Pinar Balci, Jacob K. Stanley, and Zane B. Johnson

chapter 4|36 pages

Wildlife Toxicity Testing

ByDavid J. Hoffman

chapter 5|40 pages

Sediment Toxicity Testing: Issues and Methods

ByG. Allen Burton, Jr., Debra L. Denton, Kay Ho, and D. Scott Ireland

chapter 6|16 pages

Toxicological Significance of Soil Ingestion by Wild and Domestic Animals

ByW. Nelson Beyer, George F. Fries

chapter 8|28 pages


ByStephen J. Klaine, Michael A. Lewis, Sandra L. Knuteson

chapter 9|14 pages

Landscape Ecotoxicology

ByKaren Holl and John Cairns, Jr.

chapter 10|24 pages

Using Biomonitoring Data for Stewardship of Natural Resources

ByRobert P. Breckenridge, Marilynne Manguba, Patrick J. Anderson, Timothy M. Bartish

part |2 pages

Section II: Contaminant Sources and Effects

chapter 12|32 pages

Wildlife Toxicology of Organophosphorus and Carbamate Pesticides

ByElwood F. Hill

chapter 13|28 pages

Organochlorine Pesticides

ByLawrence J. Blus

chapter 14|32 pages

Petroleum and Individual Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons

ByPeter H. Albers

chapter 15|36 pages

Lead in the Environment

ByOliver H. Pattee, Deborah J. Pain

chapter 16|56 pages

Ecotoxicology of Mercury

ByJames G. Wiener, David P. Krabbenhoft, Gary H. Heinz, Anton M. Scheuhammer

chapter 17|36 pages

Ecotoxicology of Selenium

ByHarry M. Ohlendorf

chapter 18|74 pages

Sources, Pathways, and Effects of PCBs, Dioxins, and Dibenzofurans

ByClifford P. Rice, Patrick O’Keefe, and Timothy Kubiak

chapter 19|40 pages

Receiving Water Impacts Associated with Urban Wet Weather Flows

ByRobert Pitt

chapter 20|30 pages

Nuclear and Thermal

ByLinda Meyers-Schöne, Sylvia S. Talmage

chapter 21|22 pages

Global Effects of Deforestation

ByRichard A. Houghton

chapter 22|12 pages

Pathogens and Disease

ByFrederick A. Leighton

chapter 23|22 pages

Environmental Factors Affecting Contaminant Toxicity in Aquatic and Terrestrial Vertebrates

ByBarnett A. Rattner, Alan G. Heath

part |2 pages

Section III: Case Histories and Ecosystem Surveys

chapter 25|18 pages

Pesticides and International Migratory Bird Conservation

ByMichael J. Hooper, Pierre Mineau, María Elena Zaccagnini, Brian Woodbridge

chapter 29|20 pages

The Hudson River — PCB Case Study

part |2 pages

Section IV: Methods for Making Estimates, Predictability, and Risk Assessment in Ecotoxicology