Issues related to environmental protection and trade liberalization have moved to the forefront of international policy agendas. The Economics of International Trade and the Environment explores - from an economic standpoint - many of the questions that are germane in increasing our knowledge of environmental policy in the presence of international

chapter 1|8 pages

Introduction and Overview of the Economics of International Trade and the Environment 1

ByAmitrajeet A. Batabyal, Hamid Beladi

chapter 4|16 pages

Environmental Policy When Market Structure and Plant Locations are Endogenous 1

ByJames R. Markusen, Edward R. Morey, Nancy D. Olewiler

chapter 5|15 pages

On Ecological Dumping

ByMichael Rauscher

chapter 6|11 pages

Strategic Environmental Policy and International Trade

ByScott Barrett

chapter 7|24 pages

North–South Trade and the Global Environment

ByGraciela Chichilnisky

chapter 8|24 pages

Trade and Transboundary Pollution 1

ByBrian R. Copeland, M. Scott Taylor

chapter 10|23 pages

Wildlife, Biodiversity, and Trade 1

ByEdward B. Barbier, Carl-Erik Schulz

chapter 12|11 pages

Industrial Pollution Abatement: The Impact on Balance of Trade

ByH. David Robison

chapter 15|14 pages

International Trade and Environmental Quality: How Important Are the Linkages?

ByCarlo Perroni, Randall M. Wigle

chapter 16|17 pages

Environmental and Trade Policies: Some Methodological Lessons 1

ByV. Kerry Smith, J. Andrès Espinosa

chapter 17|12 pages

Carbon Taxes with Exemptions in an Open Economy: A General Equilibrium Analysis of the German Tax Initiative 1

ByChristoph Böhringer, Thomas F. Rutherford

chapter 18|14 pages

The Environment and Welfare Implications of Trade and Tax Policy

ByHiro Lee, David Roland–Holst

chapter 19|17 pages

The Impact of NAFTA on Mexico’s Environmental Policy

ByBryan W. Husted, Jeanne M. Logsdon

chapter 20|7 pages

The Empirical Relationship between Trade, Growth, and the Environment

ByLewis R. Gale, Jose A. Mendez