In recent years, there has been increasing activity in the research and design of optical systems based on liquid crystal (LC) science. Bringing together contributions from leading figures in industry and academia, Optical Applications of Liquid Crystals covers the range of existing applications as well as those in development. Unique in its thorou

chapter 1|61 pages

Optical properties and applications of ferroelectric and antiferroelectric liquid crystals

ByEmmanouil Ε Kviezis, Lesley A Parry-Jones, Steve J Elston

chapter 2|56 pages

Electro holography and active optics

ByNobuyuki Hashimoto

chapter 3|30 pages

On the use of liquid crystals for adaptive optics

BySergio R. Restaino

chapter 4|53 pages

Polymer-dispersed liquid crystals

ByF. Bloisi, L. Vicari

chapter 5|44 pages

New developments in photo-aligning and photo-patterning technologies: physics and applications

ByV. G. Chigrinov, V. M. Kozenkov, H. S. Kwok

chapter Chapter 6|27 pages

Industrial and engineering aspects of LC applications

ByTomio Sonehara