The drive toward smaller and smaller electronic componentry has huge implications for the materials currently being used. As quantum mechanical effects begin to dominate, conventional materials will be unable to function at scales much smaller than those in current use. For this reason, new materials with higher electrical permittivity will be requ

section Section 1|1 pages


chapter Chapter 1.1|11 pages

High-κ gate dielectrics: why do we need them?

section Section 2|1 pages

Deposition Techniques

chapter Chapter 2.1|48 pages

Atomic layer deposition

chapter Chapter 2.2|24 pages

Chemical vapour deposition

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Technological Aspects

chapter Chapter 5.1|2 pages

Device integration issues

chapter Chapter 5.2|36 pages

Device architectures for the nano-CMOS era

chapter Chapter 5.3|37 pages

High-κ transistor characteristics