The potential value of artificial neural networks (ANN) as a predictor of malignancy has begun to receive increased recognition. Research and case studies can be found scattered throughout a multitude of journals. Artificial Neural Networks in Cancer Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Patient Management brings together the work of top researchers - primaril

chapter Chapter 2|14 pages

Analysis of Molecular Prognostic Factors in Breast Cancer by Artificial Neural Networks

ByB. Angus, T.W.J. Lennard, R.N.G. Naguib, G.V. Sherbet

chapter Chapter 4|10 pages

Neural Networks for the Estimation of Prognosis in Lung Cancer

ByH. Esteva, M. Bellotti, A.M. Marchevsky

chapter Chapter 5|16 pages

The use of a Genetic Algorithm Neural Network (GANN) for Prognosis in Surgically Treated Nonsmall Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)

ByM.F. Jefferson, N. Pendleton, S.B. Lucas, M.A. Horan

chapter Chapter 6|18 pages

The Use of Machine Learning in Screening for Oral Cancer

ByP. M. Speight, P. Hammond

chapter Chapter 8|10 pages

Artificial Neural Networks in Urologic Oncology

ByT.H. Douglas, J.W. Moul

chapter Chapter 9|12 pages

Neural Networks in Urologic Oncology

ByC. Niederberger, D. Ridout

chapter Chapter 10|10 pages

Comparison of a Neural Network with High Sensitivity and Specificity to Free/total Serum PSA for Diagnosing Prostate Cancer in Men with a PSA < 4.0 ng/mL

ByT.A. Stamey, S.D. Barnhill, Z. Zhang, C.M. Yemoto, H. Zhang, K.R. Madyastha

chapter Chapter 11|8 pages

Artificial Neural Networks and Prognosis in Prostate Cancer

ByF.C. Hamdy

chapter Chapter 13|44 pages

A Probabilistic Neural Network Framework for the Detection of Malignant Melanoma

ByM. Hintz-Madsen, L.K. Hansen, J. Larsen, K.T. Drzewiecki