Less expensive, lighter, and smaller than its electromechanical counterparts, power electronics lie at the very heart of controlling and converting electric energy, which in turn lies at the heart of making that energy useful. From household appliances to space-faring vehicles, the applications of power electronics are virtually limitless.

Until now, however, the same could not be said for access to up-to-date reference books devoted to power electronics. Written by engineers for engineers, The Power Electronics Handbook covers the full range of relevant topics, from basic principles to cutting-edge applications. Compiled from contributions by an international panel of experts and full of illustrations, this is not a theoretical tome, but a practical and enlightening presentation of the usefulness and variety of technologies that encompass the field.

For modern and emerging applications, power electronic devices and systems must be small, efficient, lightweight, controllable, reliable, and economical. The Power Electronics Handbook is your key to understanding those devices, incorporating them into controllable circuits, and implementing those systems into applications from virtually every area of electrical engineering.

part I

Power Electronic Devices

chapter 1

Power Electronics

ByKaushik Rajashekara, Sohail Anwar, Vrej Barkhordarian, Alex Q. Huang

part II

Power Electronic Circuits and Controls

chapter 2

DC-DC Converters

ByRichard Wies, Bipin Satavalekar, Ashish Agrawal, Javad Mahdavi, Ali Agah, Ali Emadi, Daniel Jeffrey Shortt

chapter 3

AC-AC Conversion

BySándor Halász

chapter 4


BySam Guccione, Mahesh M. Swamy, Ana Stankovic

chapter 5


ByMichael Giesselmann, Attila Karpati, István Nagy, Dariusz Czarkowski, Michael E. Ropp, Eric Walters, Oleg Wasynczuk

chapter 6

Multilevel Converters

ByKeith Corzine

chapter 7

Modulation Strategies

ByMichael Giesselmann, Hossein Salehfar, Hamid A. Toliyat, Tahmid Ur Rahman

chapter 8

Sliding-Mode Control of Switched-Mode Power Supplies

ByGiorgio Spiazzi, Paolo Mattavelli

part III

Applications and Systems Considerations

chapter 9

DC Motor Drives

ByRalph Staus

chapter 10

AC Machines Controlled as DC Machines (Brushless DC Machines/Electronics)

ByHamid A. Toliyat, Tilak Gopalarathnam

chapter 11

Control of Induction Machine Drives

ByDaniel Logue, Philip T. Krein

chapter 12

Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Machine Drives

ByPatrick L. Chapman

chapter 13

Switched Reluctance Machines

ByIqbal Husain

chapter 14

Step Motor Drives

ByRonald H. Brown

chapter 15

Servo Drives

BySándor Halász

chapter 16

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

ByLaura Steffek, John Hecklesmiller, Dave Layden, Brian Young

chapter 17

Power Quality and Utility Interface Issues

ByWayne Galli, Timothy L. Skvarenina, Badrul H. Chowdhury, Hirofumi Akagi, Rajapandian Ayyanar, Amit Kumar Jain

chapter 18

Photovoltaic Cells and Systems

ByRoger Messenger

chapter 19

Flexible, Reliable, and Intelligent Electrical Energy Delivery Systems

ByAlexander Domijan, Jr., Zhidong Song

chapter 20

Unified Power Flow Controllers

ByAli Feliachi, Azra Hasanovic, Karl Schoder

chapter 21

More-Electric Vehicles

ByAli Emadi, Mehrdad Ehsani

chapter 22

Principles of Magnetics

ByRoman Stemprok

chapter 23

Computer Simulation of Power Electronics

ByMichael Giesselmann