A close relationship exists between GIS and numerous applications, including cartography, photogrammetry, geodesy, surveying, computer and information science, and statistics, among others. Scientists coined the term "geographic information science (GIScience)" to describe the theory behind these fields. A Research Agenda for Geographic Information

chapter Chapter One|16 pages

Introduction to the UCGIS Research Agenda

ByE. Lynn Usery, Robert B. McMaster

chapter Chapter Two|44 pages

Spatial Data Acquisition and Integration

ByJohn Jensen, Alan Saalfeld, Fred Broome, Dave Cowen, Kevin Price, Doug Ramsey, Lewis Lapine, E. Lynn Usery

chapter Chapter Three|31 pages

Cognition of Geographic Information

ByDaniel R. Montello

chapter Chapter Four|36 pages


ByNina Lam, David Catts, Dale Quattrochi, Daniel Brown, Robert McMaster

chapter 5|28 pages

Extensions to Geographic Representations

ByMay Yuan, David M. Mark, Max J. Egenhofer, Donna J. Peuquet

chapter Chapter Six|40 pages

Spatial Analysis and Modeling in a GIS Environment

ByArthur Getis, Luc Anselin, Anthony Lea, Mark Ferguson, Harvey Miller

chapter Chapter Seven|27 pages

Research Issues on Uncertainty in Geographic Data and GIS-Based Analysis

ByA-Xing Zhu

chapter Chapter Eight|31 pages

The Future of the Spatial Information Infrastructure

ByHarlan Onsrud, Barbara Poore, Robert Rugg, Richard Taupier, Lyna Wiggins

chapter Chapter Nine|30 pages

Distributed and Mobile Computing

ByMichael F. Goodchild, Douglas M. Johnston, David J. Maguire, Valerian T. Noronha

chapter Chapter Ten|26 pages

GIS and Society: Interrelation, Integration, and Transformation

ByGregory A. Elmes, Earl F. Epstein, Robert B. McMaster, Bernard J. Niemann, Barbara Poore, Eric Sheppard, David L. Tulloch

chapter Chapter Eleven|21 pages

Geographic Visualization

ByAileen R. Buckley, Mark Gahegan, Keith Clarke

chapter Chapter Twelve|16 pages

Ontological Foundations for Geographic Information Science

ByDavid M. Mark, Barry Smith, Max J. Egenhofer, Stephen C. Hirtle

chapter Chapter Thirteen|14 pages

Remotely Acquired Data and Information in GIScience

ByGeorge F. Hepner, Dawn J. Wright, Carolyn J. Merry, Sharolyn J. Anderson, Stephen D. DeGloria

chapter Chapter Fourteen|24 pages

Geospatial Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

ByMay Yuan, Barbara P. Buttenfield, M. N. Gahegan, Harvey Miller

chapter Chapter Fifteen|4 pages

Postscript on the UCGIS and Research

Edited ByM. Mark David, Usery E. Lynn, B. McMaster Robert