Dietary fiber is widely recognized as an essential element of good nutrition. In fact, research on the use of fiber in food science and medicine is being conducted at an incredible pace. CRC Handbook of Dietary Fiber in Human Nutrition, Third Edition explores the chemistry, analytical methodologies, physiological and biochemical aspects, clinical a

part 2|2 pages

1 Definitions of Dietary Fiber

chapter 2|6 pages

6 Glossary of Dietary Fiber Components*

chapter 2|12 pages

7 Physical Chemistry of Dietary Fiber

chapter 3|12 pages

1 Enzymatic Gravimetric Methods

chapter 3|4 pages

2 Detergent Analysis of Foods

part 3|2 pages

6 The Crude Fiber Method1

chapter 3|14 pages

7 Newer Methods for Phytate Analysis

chapter 4|4 pages

10 Effects of Dietary Fiber on Fecal and Intestinal Luminal Mutagens

ByHugh J. Freeman

chapter 4|42 pages

11 Effect of Dietary Fiber and Foods on Carbohydrate Metabolism

ByThomas M. S. Wolever, David J. A. Jenkins

chapter 5|6 pages

1 Disease Patterns in South Africa as Related to Dietary Fiber Intake

ByAlexander R. P. Walker

chapter 5|4 pages

2 Development of the Dietary Fiber Hypothesis of Diabetes Mellitus*

ByHugh C. Trowell

chapter 5|28 pages

3 Treatment of Diabetes with High-Fiber Diets

ByJames W. Anderson, Abayomi O. Akanji, Kim M. Randles

chapter 5|22 pages

4 Fiber in the Treatment of Hyperlipidemia

ByAlexandra L. Jenkins, Vladimir Vuksan, David J. A. Jenkins

chapter 5|8 pages

5 Human Studies on Dietary Fiber and Colon Neoplasia

ByHugh J. Freeman

chapter 5|4 pages

6 Fiber and Colonic Diverticulosis

ByHugh J. Freeman

chapter 5|4 pages

Disease Patterns in Japan and Changes in Dietary Fiber (1930–1980)

ByKeisuke Tsuji, Bunpei Mori

chapter 6|8 pages

1 Whole Grain, Fiber, and Antioxidants

ByGene Miller

chapter 6|20 pages

2 Whole Grains, Cereal Fiber, and Chronic Diseases: Epidemiologic Evidence

ByMark A. Pereira, Joel J. Pins, David R. Jacobs, Jr., Leonard Marquart, and Joseph Keenan

chapter 6|18 pages

3 Whole Grains, Cereal Fiber, and Chronic Diseases: Experimental Evidence and Possible Biologic Mechanisms

ByJoel J. Pins, Mark A. Pereira, David R. Jacobs, Jr., Len Marquart, and Joseph M. Keenan

chapter 6|32 pages

4 Bioavailability of Minerals from Cereals

ByWenche Frølich

chapter 6|22 pages

5 Phytic Acid and Cancer

ByMazda Jenab, Lilian U. Thompson

chapter 7|14 pages

Consumption of Dietary Fiber 1992–2000

ByJulie M. Jones

chapter 7|16 pages

Patterns of Dietary Fiber Consumption in Humans to 1992

BySheila Bingham

chapter 7|10 pages

Dietary Fiber, Non-Starch Polysaccharide, and Resistant Starch Intakes in Australia

ByKatrine I. Baghurst, Peter A. Baghurst, Sally J. Record

chapter 7|4 pages

Consumption of Dietary Fiber–Rich Foods in China

ByZhi-Ping Shen, Su-Fang Zheng

chapter 7|8 pages

6 Fiber Consumption in Italy

ByOttavio Bosello, Fabio Armellini, Mauro Zamboni