Despite a brief history, the technologies of virtual microscopy and virtual slides have captured the imagination of many, especially this current crop of students. Having come of age in the computer and Internet age, this emerging group of technicians and researchers tends to display a distinct preference for virtual slides and virtual microscopes.

chapter 1|8 pages

The Coming Age of Virtual Microscopy: Current Technologies and Their Applications

ByJiang Gu, Robert W. Ogilvie

chapter 2|26 pages

Reinvention of Light Microscopy: Array Microscopy and Ultrarapidly Scanned Virtual Slides for Diagnostic Pathology and Medical Education

ByRonald S. Weinstein, Michael R. Descour, Chen Liang, Lynne Richter, William C. Russum, James F. Goodall, Pixuan Zhou, Artur G. Olszak, Peter H. Bartels

chapter 3|14 pages

A Fully Integrated Virtual Microscopy System for Analysis and Discovery

ByDirk G. Soenksen

chapter 4|12 pages

The MicroBrightField Virtual Slice System

ByJack R. Glaser, Kirsten Berggren

chapter 5|16 pages

Development of a Virtual Telemicroscope

ByJiang Gu, Virginia M. Anderson

chapter 7|14 pages


ByEdward Kujawski and MariBeth Gagnon

chapter 9|10 pages

Virtual Slides for Teaching Histology and Pathology

ByFred R. Dee, Paul Heidger

chapter 10|10 pages

The Preparation and Use of Virtual Slides for Teaching Medical Histology at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine

ByCharles A. Blake, Holly A. LaVoie, Clarke F. Millette, and Christopher M. Prince

chapter 11|16 pages

WebMic, a Virtual Microscope for Learning Histology: Results of Implementation in a Medical Histology Course

ByRobert W. Ogilvie, Peter Groscurth, Hanspeter Rohr, Henning Benecke, Birgit Rohr, Rolf König

chapter 12|24 pages

Next-Generation Teaching Systems Using Virtual Slides

ByRebecca Crowley, Katsura Fujita, Girish Chavan, Olga Medvedeva

chapter 14|8 pages

Speed, Resolution, Focus, and Depth of field in Clinical Whole Slide Imaging Applications

ByYukako Yagi, John Gilbertson

chapter 15|16 pages

Clinical Slide Digitization: Whole Slide Imaging in Clinical Practice Experience from the University of Pittsburgh

ByJohn Gilbertson, Ashokkumar A. Patel, Yukako Yagi

chapter 16|22 pages

Virtual Microscopy and Automated Diagnosis

ByKlaus Kayser, Gian Kayser

chapter 17|14 pages

Virtual Slides: The AFIP Experience

ByBruce H. Williams

chapter 18|20 pages

Telepathology in Europe

ByGian Kayser, Klaus Kayser

chapter 20|10 pages

Enhancing the Information Content of Digitally Archived Tissue Samples

ByChristopher M. Prince, Sterling J. Crabtree

chapter 21|12 pages

Development of a Whole Slide Image Archive

ByJose J. Galvez, Robert J. Munn, Andrew S. Garbutt, Michael A. Hogarth, Betty I. Tarnowski, Robert D. Cardiff

chapter 22|10 pages

Virtual Slides and Neuroanatomy: Atlases and Data Sharing

ByLorin J. Freedman