Representing the collective effort of over 30 leading scientists in Russia and the United States, this is the first book written solely on the subject of nuclear batteries. It presents a rich historical discussion and original research on the conversion of nuclear materials into electrical power, which can then be harvested to make long-lasting, mo

chapter 2|70 pages

Radioactive Materials, Ionizing Radiation Sources, and Radioluminescent Light Sources for Nuclear Batteries

ByA.G. Kavetsky, S.N. Nekhoroshkov, S.P. Meleshkov, Y.L. Kaminski, and G.P. Akulov

chapter 3|82 pages

Nonradioactive Materials for Nuclear Batteries

ByA.G. Kavetsky, Y.L. Kaminski, G.P. Akulov, and S.P. Meleshkov

chapter 4|14 pages

Radiation-Induced Processes in Phosphors

ByA.G. Kavetsky and S.P. Meleshkov

chapter 5|62 pages

Radiation Stability of Organic Materials for Nuclear Batteries

ByY.L. Kaminski and G.P. Akulov

chapter 7|76 pages

Nuclear Batteries Based on III-V Semiconductors

ByV.M. Andreev

chapter 8|24 pages

Wide-Band Semiconductors for Direct-Conversion Nuclear Batteries

ByY.G. Shreter, Y.T. Rebane, and N.I. Bochkareva

chapter 9|52 pages

Organic Photoconducting Materials

ByT.A. Iourre, L.I. Rudaya, and N.V. Klimova

chapter 10|18 pages

Radioisotope Microbattery Commercialization

ByK.E. Bower, A.F. Rutkiewic, C.C. Bower, and S. M. Yousaf