A bestseller in its first edition, The Circuits and Filters Handbook has been thoroughly updated to provide the most current, most comprehensive information available in both the classical and emerging fields of circuits and filters, both analog and digital. This edition contains 29 new chapters, with significant additions in the areas of computer-

chapter 1|20 pages

Linear Operators and Matrices

chapter 2|20 pages

Bilinear Operators and Matrices

chapter 3|46 pages

The Laplace Transform

chapter 4|30 pages

Fourier Series, Fourier Transforms and the Discrete Fourier Transform

ByW. Kenneth Jenkins

chapter 5|18 pages

z-Transform Jelena Kovacevic

chapter 6|80 pages

Wavelet Transforms

chapter 7|28 pages

Graph Theory

chapter 8|12 pages

Signal Flow Graphs

chapter 10|78 pages

Passive Circuit Elements Stanislav Nowak

chapter 11|24 pages

RF Passive IC Components Tomas H. Lee, Maria del Mar Hershenson,

BySunderarajan S. Mohen, Hirad Samavati, C. Patrick Yue

chapter 13|16 pages

Controlled Circuit Elements

chapter 15|38 pages

Operational Amplifiers

chapter 17|14 pages

Fundamental Circuit Concepts John Chroma, Jr

chapter 18|56 pages

Network Laws and Theorems

chapter 21|38 pages

Analysis in the Frequency Domain

chapter 23|68 pages

Frequency Domain Methods Peter Aronhime

chapter 26|24 pages

State-Variable Techniques K.S. Chao

chapter 27|18 pages

Feedback Amplifier Theory John Choma, Jr

chapter 29|14 pages

General Feedback Theory Wai-Kai Chen

chapter 33|20 pages

Qualitative Analysis Martin Hasler

chapter 34|36 pages

Synthesis and Design of Nonlinear Circuits Angel Rodriguez-Vazquez,

ByManual Delgado-Restituto, and J.L. Huertas

chapter 38|20 pages

Simulation Erik Lindberg

chapter 40|72 pages

Bifurcation and Chaos Michael Peter Kennedy

chapter 41|18 pages

Transmission Lines Thomas Koryu Ishii

chapter 44|22 pages

Distributed RC Networks Vladimir Szekely

chapter 48|18 pages

Numerical Analysis Methods Andrew T. Yang

chapter 49|24 pages

Design by Optimization Sachin S. Sapatnekar

chapter 52|30 pages

Design Automation Technology Allen M. Dewey

chapter 53|44 pages

Computer-Aided Analysis

chapter 55|122 pages

Monolithic Device Models

chapter 56|100 pages

Analog Circuit Cells

chapter 57|56 pages

High Performance Analog Circuits

chapter 60|34 pages

Digital Circuits

chapter 61|142 pages

Digital Systems

chapter 62|58 pages

Data Convertors

chapter 68|44 pages

Performance Modeling and Analysis in VHDL James H. Aylor and

ByRobert H. Klenke

chapter 70|32 pages

Approximation Artice M. Davis

chapter 72|32 pages

Sensitivity and Selectivity Igor Filanovsky

chapter 74|16 pages

Passive Cascade Synthesis Wai-Kai Chen

chapter 79|32 pages

Low-Gain Active Filters Philip E. Allen, Benjamin J. Blalock, and

ByStephen W. Milam

chapter 81|24 pages

Multiple-Amplifier Biquads Norbert Fliege

chapter 82|20 pages

The Current Generalized Immittance Converter (CGIC) Biquads

ByWasfy B. Mikhael

chapter 83|26 pages

Higher-Order Filters Rolf Schaumann

chapter 86|76 pages

FIR Filters

chapter 87|60 pages

IIR Filters

chapter 88|20 pages

Finite Wordlength Effects Bruce W. Bonar