Digital technology now enables unparalleled functionality and flexibility in the capture, processing, exchange, and output of color images. But harnessing its potential requires knowledge of color science, systems, processing algorithms, and device characteristics-topics drawn from a broad range of disciplines. One can acquire the requisite background with an armload of physics, chemistry, engineering, computer science, and mathematics books and journals- or one can find it here, in the Digital Color Imaging Handbook.

Unprecedented in scope, this handbook presents, in a single concise and authoritative publication, the elements of these diverse areas relevant to digital color imaging. The first three chapters cover the basics of color vision, perception, and physics that underpin digital color imaging. The remainder of the text presents the technology of color imaging with chapters on color management, device color characterization, digital halftoning, image compression, color quantization, gamut mapping, computationally efficient transform algorithms, and color image processing for digital cameras.

Each chapter is written by world-class experts and largely self-contained, but cross references between chapters reflect the topics' important interrelations. Supplemental materials are available for download from the CRC Web site, including electronic versions of some of the images presented in the book.

chapter one|114 pages

Color fundamentals for digital imaging

ByGaurav Sharma

chapter two|57 pages

Visual psychophysics and color appearance

ByGarrett M. Johnson, Mark D. Fairchild

chapter three|66 pages

Physical models for color prediction

ByPatrick Emmel

chapter four|30 pages

Color management for digital imaging systems

ByEdward J. Giorgianni, Thomas E. Madden, Kevin E. Spaulding

chapter five|116 pages

Device characterization

ByRaja Balasubramanian

chapter six|106 pages

Digital color halftones

ByCharles Hains, Shen-Ge Wang, Keith Knox

chapter seven|67 pages

Human visual model-based color halftoning

ByA. Ufuk Agar, Farhan A. Baqai, Jan P. Allebach

chapter eight|29 pages

Compression of color images

ByRicardo de Queiroz

chapter nine|49 pages

Color quantization

ByLuc Brun, Alain Trémeau

chapter ten|47 pages

Gamut mapping

ByJán Morovic

chapter eleven|39 pages

Efficient color transformation implementation

ByRaja Bala, R. Victor Klassen

chapter twelve|31 pages

Color image processing for digital cameras

ByKen Parulski, Kevin Spaulding