Ubiquitous and pervasive technologies such as RFID and smart computing promise a world of networked and interconnected devices. Everything from tires to toothbrushes could soon be in communications range, heralding the dawn of an era in which today's Internet of People gives way to tomorrow's Internet of Things- where billions of obje

chapter Chapter 1|32 pages


ByPeter J. Hawrylak, M.H. Mickle, J.T. Cain

chapter Chapter 2|20 pages

RFID Automatic Identification and Data Capture

ByXiaoyong Su, Chi-Cheng Chu, B.S. Prabhu, Rajit Gadh

chapter Chapter 3|28 pages

RFID Data Warehousing and Analysis

ByHector Gonzalez, Jiawei Han

chapter Chapter 4|26 pages

RFID Data Management: Issues, Solutions, and Directions

ByQuan Z. Sheng, Kerry L. Taylor, Zakaria Maamar, Paul Brebner

chapter Chapter 5|20 pages

RFID Security: Threats and Solutions

ByNicolas Sklavos, Vishal Agarwal

chapter Chapter 6|30 pages

RFID Specification Revisited

ByPedro Peris-Lopez, Julio C. Hernandez-Castro, Juan M. Estevez-Tapiador, Arturo Ribagorda

chapter Chapter 7|8 pages

RFIG: Geometric Context of Wireless Tags

ByRamesh Raskar, Paul Beardsley, Paul Dietz, Jeroen van Baar

chapter Chapter 8|20 pages

RFID Application in Animal Monitoring

ByVasileios Ntafis, Charalampos Z. Patrikakis, Eirini G. Fragkiadaki, Eftychia M. Xylouri-Fragkiadaki

chapter Chapter 9|22 pages

RFID Applications in Assets and Vehicles Tracking

ByWei Liu, Zhao Peng, Wenqing Cheng, Jianhua He, Yan Zhang

chapter Chapter 10|26 pages

RFID Enabled Logistics Services

ByZongwei Luo, Edward C. Wong, C.J. Tan, S.J. Zhou, William Cheung, Jiming Liu

chapter Chapter 11|24 pages

Location Tracking in an Office Environment: The Nationwide Case Study

ByIrene Lopez de Vallejo, Stephen Hailes, Ruth Conroy-Dalton, Alan Penn

chapter Chapter 12|30 pages

Pervasive Computing Security: Bluetooth® Example

ByGiorgos Kostopoulos, Paris Kitsos, Odysseas Koufopavlou

chapter Chapter 13|22 pages

Internet of Things: A Context-Awareness Perspective

ByDavy Preuveneers, Yolande Berbers