The explosion of public interest in the natural environment can, to a large extent, be attributed to greater public awareness of the impacts of global warming and climate change. This has led to increased research interest and funding directed at studies of issues affecting sensitive, natural environments. Not surprisingly, much of this work has re

chapter 1|10 pages

Introduction to Representing, Modeling, and Visualizing the Natural Environment

ByGemma Harvey, Nick Mount, Paul Aplin, Gary Priestnall

chapter 2|10 pages

Keynote Paper: Representation of the Natural Environment

ByMatt Duckham

chapter 4|12 pages

Developing Ontologies from a Domain Expert Perspective

ByFiona Hemsley-Flint, Glen Hart, John Lee, Stewart Thompson

chapter 6|20 pages

Comparing Different Land Cover Data Sets for Agricultural Monitoring in Africa

BySteffen Fritz, Linda See, Felix Rembold, Michel Massart, Thierry Nègre, and Craig von Hagen

chapter 7|14 pages

Using GIS to Identify Wildland Areas in the North Pennines

ByStuart Blair, Linda See, Steve Carver, Peter Samson

chapter 8|16 pages

Representations of Environmental Data in Web-Based GIS

ByPeter Mooney, Adam C. Winstanley

chapter 9|20 pages

Developing and Applying a Participative Web- Based GIS for Integration of Public Perceptions into Strategic Environmental Assessment

ByAinhoa Gonzalez, Alan Gilmer, Ronan Foley, John Sweeney, John Fry

chapter 10|10 pages

Keynote Paper: Challenges for Environmental Modeling

ByRichard Aspinall

chapter 12|28 pages

Invited Paper: Toward an Algebra for Terrain-Based Flow Analysis

ByDavid G. Tarboton, Matthew E. Baker

chapter 13|26 pages

Spatial Terrain Modeling: A Hierarchical Approach Toward 3-D Geospatial Data Set Merging

BySagi Dalyot, Yerach Doytsher

chapter 14|22 pages

Regions and Patterns of Forest Change in Brazil: A Geographically Weighted Regression

ByAlejandro de las Heras and Iain R. Lake

chapter 15|14 pages

GM(1,1)-Kriging Prediction of Soil Dioxin Patterns

ByDanni Guo, Renkuan Guo, Christien Thiart, Tonny Oyana

chapter 18|24 pages

Visualization—The State of the Art

ByAndrew Lovett, Katy Appleton, Andy Jones

chapter 20|18 pages

Visualizing Risk for Hill Walkers

ByAlastair Jardine, William Mackaness

chapter 21|14 pages

Using Web-Based 3-D Visualization for Planning Hikes Virtually: An Evaluation

BySusanne Bleisch, Jason Dykes

chapter 22|16 pages

PastureSim: A Visualization Tool for Pasture Management

ByConrad E. S. Rider, Femke E. Reitsma