Increasing interest in marine biology and its relevance to environmental issues creates a demand for authoritative reviews of recent research. Oceanography and Marine Biology has addressed this demand for nearly 40 years. This annual review considers basics of marine research, special topics, and emerging new areas. Regarding the marine sciences as

chapter |40 pages

Effects of benthic algae on the replenishment of corals and the implications for the resilience of coral reefs

ByChico L. Birrell, Laurence J. McCook, Bette L. Willis & Guillermo A. Diaz-Pulido

chapter |40 pages

Autecology of crangon crangon (L.) with an emphasis on latitudinal trends

ByJoana Campos & Henk W. van der Veer

chapter |98 pages

Biology of the planktonic stages of benthic octopuses

ByRoger Villanueva & Mark D. Norman

chapter |48 pages

The ecological and evolutionary importance of maternal effects in the sea

ByDustin J. Marshall, Richard M. Allen & Angela J. Crean

chapter |46 pages

Effects of climate -induced coral bleaching on coral -reef fishes — ecological and economic consequences

ByMorgan S. Pratchett, Philip L. Munday, Shaun K. Wilson, Nicholas A.J. Graham, Joshua E. Cinner, David R. Bellwood, Geoffrey P. Jones, Nicholas V.C. Polunin & Tim R. McClanahan

chapter |34 pages

Otolith chemistry to describe movements and life -history parameters of fishes: hypotheses, assumptions, limitations and inferences

ByTravis S. Elsdon, Brian K. Wells, Steven E. Campana, Bronwyn M. Gillanders, Cynthia M. Jones, Karin E. Limburg, David H. Secor, Simon R. Thorrold & Benjamin D. Walther

chapter |34 pages

Paradigms in fisheries oceanography

ByWilliam C. Leggett & Kenneth T. Frank