Modified atmosphere (MA) and controlled atmosphere (CA) technologies have great potential in a wide range of applications. The increasingly global nature of food production and the increased emphasis on reducing chemical preservatives and pesticides have put the spotlight on these centuries-old technologies. Yet until now, there have been very few

chapter 1|16 pages


ByElhadi M. Yahia

chapter 2|34 pages

Storage Technology and Applications

ByErnst Hoehn, Robert K. Prange, Clément Vigneault

chapter 3|22 pages

Transport Technology and Applications

ByPatrick E. Brecht, Shawn Dohring, Jeffrey K. Brecht, Wayne Benson

chapter 4|20 pages

Modified and Controlled Atmosphere Packaging Technology and Applications

ByJeffrey S. Brandenburg, Devon Zagory

chapter 5|18 pages

Gas Exchange Modeling

ByBart M. Nicolaï, Maarten L.A.T.M. Hertog, Q. Tri Ho, Bert E. Verlinden, and Pieter Verboven

chapter 6|8 pages

Effects on Nutritional Quality

ByAdel A. Kader

chapter 7|40 pages

Effects on Flavor

ByCharles F. Forney, James P. Mattheis, Elizabeth A. Baldwin

chapter 8|34 pages

Effects on Physiological Disorders

ByWendy C. Schotsmans, John M. DeLong, Christian Larrigaudière, and Robert K. Prange

chapter 9|20 pages

Effects on Decay

ByElhadi M. Yahia, Peter L. Sholberg

chapter 10|20 pages

Microbial Safety of Modified Atmosphere Packaged Fresh-Cut Produce

ByDavid O’Beirne and Devon Zagory

chapter 11|34 pages

Effects on Insects

ByLisa G. Neven, Elhadi M. Yahia, Guy J. Hallman

chapter 12|20 pages

Pome Fruits

ByJinhe Bai, Robert K. Prange, and Peter M.A. Toivonen

chapter 13|30 pages

Stone Fruits

ByCarlos H. Crisosto, Susan Lurie, Julio Retamales

chapter 14|46 pages

Subtropical Fruits

ByZora Singh, S.P. Singh, and Elhadi M. Yahia

chapter 15|34 pages

Small Fruit and Berries

ByLeon A. Terry, Carlos H. Crisosto, Charles F. Forney

chapter 16|48 pages

Tropical Fruits

ByElhadi M. Yahia and S.P. Singh

chapter 17|18 pages


ByJeffrey K. Brecht

chapter 18|28 pages

Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Fresh-Cut Produce

ByPeter M.A. Toivonen, Jeffrey S. Brandenburg, and Yaguang Luo

chapter 19|16 pages

Ornamentals and Cut Flowers

ByAndrew J. Macnish, Michael S. Reid, Daryl C. Joyce

chapter 20|20 pages

Dried Fruits and Tree Nuts

ByJudy A. Johnson, Elhadi M. Yahia, David G. Brandl

chapter 22|16 pages

Biochemical and Molecular Aspects of Modified and Controlled Atmospheres

ByAngelos K. Kanellis, Pietro Tonutti, Pierdomenico Perata

chapter 23|9 pages

Future Research and Application Needs

ByAdel A. Kader