Fruit flies (Diptera: Tephritidae) are among the most destructive agricultural pests in the world, eating their way through acres and acres of citrus and other fruits at an alarming rate and forcing food and agriculture agencies to spend millions of dollars in control and management measures. But until now, the study of fruit flies has been traditi

part |2 pages

Section II: Higher Relationships of Tephritidae

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Section III: Subfamilies Blepharoneurinae and Phytalmiinae

chapter 6|22 pages

Phylogeny of the Subfamily Blepharoneurinae

ByAllen L. Norrbom, Marty A. Condon

chapter 7|18 pages

Behavior of Flies in the Genus Blepharoneura (Blepharoneurinae)

ByMarty A. Condon, Allen L. Norrbom

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Section IV: Subfamily Trypetinae

chapter 10|34 pages

Behavior of Flies of the Genera Rhagoletis, Zonosemata, and Carpomya (Trypetinae: Carpomyina)

ByRonald J. Prokopy, Daniel R. Papaj

chapter 12|44 pages

Phylogeny of the Genera Anastrepha and Toxotrypana (Trypetinae: Toxotrypanini) Based on Morphology

ByAllen L. Norrbom, Roberto A. Zucchi, Vicente Hernández-Ortiz

chapter 13|20 pages

Phylogeny of the Genera Anastrepha and Toxotrypana (Trypetinae: Toxotrypanini) Based upon 16S rRNA Mitochondrial DNA Sequences

ByBruce A. McPheron, Ho-Yeon Han, Janisete G. Silva, Allen L. Norrbom

chapter 14|12 pages

Behavior of Flies in the Genus Toxotrypana (Trypetinae: Toxotrypanini)

ByPeter J. Landolt

chapter 15|32 pages

Behavior of Flies in the Genus Anastrepha (Trypetinae: Toxotrypanini)

ByMartín Aluja, Jaime Piñero, Isabel Jácome, Francisco Díaz-Fleischer, John Sivinski

part |2 pages

Section V: Subfamily Dacinae

chapter 16|20 pages

Phylogeny of the Genus Ceratitis (Dacinae: Ceratitidini)

ByMarc De Meyer

chapter 17|30 pages

Behavior of Flies in the Genus Ceratitis (Dacinae: Ceratitidini)

ByBoaz Yuval, Jorge Hendrichs

chapter 19|14 pages

Phylogeny of the Tribe Dacini (Dacinae) Based on Morphological, Distributional, and Biological Data

ByRichard A. I. Drew, David L. Hancock

chapter 21|12 pages

The Biology and Behavior of Flies in the Tribe Dacini (Dacinae)

ByRichard A.I. Drew and Meredith C. Romig

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Section VI: Subfamily Tephritinae

chapter 23|48 pages

A Generic Reclassification and Phylogeny of the Tribe Myopitini (Tephritinae)

ByAmnon Freidberg, Allen L. Norrbom

chapter 25|38 pages

Behavior of Flies in the Subfamily Tephritinae

ByDavid H. Headrick, Richard D. Goeden

part |2 pages

Section VII: Evolution of Behavior

chapter 26|20 pages

Genetic Population Structure in Tephritidae

ByStewart H. Berlocher

chapter 27|20 pages

The Evolution of Fruit Fly Feeding Behavior

ByRichard A.I. Drew and Boaz Yuval

chapter 28|42 pages

Topics in the Evolution of Sexual Behavior in the Tephritidae

ByJohn Sivinski, Martín Aluja, Gary N. Dodson, Amnon Freidberg, David H. Headrick, Kenneth Y. Kaneshiro, Peter J. Landolt

chapter 29|18 pages

Sexual Pheromones of Tephritid Flies: Clues to Unravel Phylogeny and Behavior

ByRobert R. Heath, Peter J. Landolt, David C. Robacker, Barbara D. Dueben, Nancy D. Epsky

chapter 30|32 pages

Evolution of Fruit Fly Oviposition Behavior

ByFrancisco Díaz-Fleischer, Daniel R. Papaj, Ronald J. Prokopy, Allen L. Norrbom, Martín Aluja

chapter |2 pages

Section VIII: Glossary