In recent years, high-density DNA microarrays have revolutionized biomedical research and drug discovery efforts by the pharmaceutical industry. Their efficacy in identifying and prioritizing drug targets based on their ability to confirm a large number of gene expression measurements in parallel has become a key element in drug discovery. Microarr

chapter 2|14 pages

Chapter Introduction to Large-Scale Gene Expression Data Analysis

ByAnbarasu Lourdusamy, Massimo Ubaldi, Laura Soverchia, Gary Hardiman, Roberto Ciccocioppo

chapter 4|8 pages

Chapter Laboratory Automation for Microarray Experimentation

ByDouglas N. Gurevitch

chapter 5|12 pages

Chapter How to Evaluate a Microarray Scanner

ByYaping Zong, Shanshan Zhang, Youxiang Wang, Yaxian Shi

chapter 6|18 pages

Chapter The Role of Substrates in Microarray Experimentation and How to Choose the Correct Coating for Microarraying

ByRuediger Dietrich, Daniel Haines, Rajendra Redkar, Alistair Rees

chapter 7|16 pages

Chapter Toward Highly Ef cient Automated Hybridizations

ByKris Pappaert, Johan Vanderhoeven, Gert Desmet, Paul Van Hummelen

chapter 8|10 pages

Chapter Characterization of Microarray Hybridization Stoichiometry

ByRichard J.D. Rouse and Gary Hardiman

chapter 9|22 pages

Chapter Data Normalization Selection

ByPhillip Stafford

chapter 10|8 pages

Chapter Methods for Assessing Microarray Performance

BySteffen G. Oeser, Shawn C. Baker, Eugene Chudin, Kenneth Kuhn, Timothy K. McDaniel

chapter 11|18 pages

Chapter Comparison of Different Normalization Methods for Applied Biosystems Expression Array System

ByCatalin Barbacioru, Yulei Wang, Roger Canales, Yongming Sun, David Keys, Frances Chan, Kathryn Hunkapiller, Karen Poulter, Raymond R. Samaha

chapter 12|30 pages

Chapter A Systematic Comparison of Gene Expression Measurements across Different Hybridization-Based Technologies

ByWinston Patrick Kuo, Fang Liu, Tor-Kristian Jensen, Shari L. Benson, Connie L. Cepko, Eivind Hovig, Lucila Ohno-Machado

chapter 13|32 pages

Chapter DNA Methylation Arrays: Methods and Analysis

ByNatalie P. Thorne, John Carlo Marioni, Vardhman K. Rakyan, Ashraf E.K. Ibrahim, Charles E. Massie, C. Curtis, James D. Brenton, Adele Murrell, and Simon Tavaré

chapter 14|18 pages

Chapter Electronic Microarrays: Progress toward DNA Diagnostics

ByHoward Reese, Dan Smolko, Paul Swanson, Dalibor Hodko

chapter 15|18 pages

Chapter New Applications for Microarrays

ByMark Andersen, Steve Warrick, Christopher Adams

chapter 17|12 pages

Chapter Development of an Integrated Molecular Diagnostic Test to Identify Respiratory Viruses

ByFrédéric Raymond, Whei-Kuo Wu, Jacques Corbeil

chapter 18|18 pages

Chapter Microarrays in Neuroscience

ByMassimo Ubaldi, Wolfgang Sommer, Laura Soverchia, Anbarasu Lourdusamy, Barbara Ruggeri, Roberto Ciccocioppo, Gary Hardiman