Ubiquitous and fundamental in cell mechanics, multiscale problems can arise in the growth of tumors, embryogenesis, tissue engineering, and more. Cell Mechanics: From Single Scale-Based Models to Multiscale Modeling brings together new insight and research on mechanical, mathematical, physical, and biological approaches for simulating the behavior

chapter 1|24 pages

Microrheology of Living Cells at Different Time and Length Scales

ByAtef Asnacios, Sylvie He´non, Julien Browaeys, and Franc¸ois Gallet

chapter 2|38 pages

Actin-Based Propulsion: Intriguing Interplay between Material Properties and Growth Processes

ByKarin John, Denis Caillerie, Philippe Peyla, Mourad Ismail, Annie Raoult, Jacques Prost, Chaouqi Misbah

chapter 3|18 pages

Cancer: Cell Motility and Tumor Suppressor Genes

ByRe´my Pedeux, Damien Ythier, and Alain Duperray

chapter |4 pages

Part II: Single Cell Migration Modeling

chapter 4|44 pages

Coupling of Cytoplasm and Adhesion Dynamics Determines Cell Polarization and Locomotion

ByWolfgang Alt, Martin Bock, and Christoph Mo¨hl

chapter 5|26 pages

How Do Cells Move? Mathematical Modeling of Cytoskeleton Dynamics and Cell Migration

ByDietmar O¨lz and Christian Schmeiser

chapter 7|36 pages

History Dependence of Microbead Adhesion under Varying Shear Rate

BySylvain Reboux, Giles Richardson, Oliver E. Jensen

chapter 8|22 pages

Understanding Adhesion Sites as Mechanosensitive Cellular Elements

BySophie Fe´re´ol, Redouane Fodil, Gabriel Pelle, Bruno Louis, Vale´rie M. Laurent, Emmanuelle Planus, and Daniel Isabey

chapter 9|22 pages

Cancer Cell Migration on 2-D Deformable Substrates

ByValentina Peschetola, Claude Verdier, Alain Duperray, Davide Ambrosi

chapter 10|16 pages

Single Cell Imaging of Calcium Dynamics in Response to Mechanical Stimulation

ByTae-Jin Kim, Yingxiao Wang

chapter 11|34 pages

Mathematical Framework to Model Migration of Cell Population in Extracellular Matrix

ByArnaud Chauvie`re and Luigi Preziosi

chapter 13|28 pages

Bridging Cell and Tissue Behavior in Embryo Development

ByAlexandre J. Kabla, Guy B. Blanchard, Richard J. Adams, L. Mahadevan

chapter 14|38 pages

Modeling Steps from Benign Tumor to Invasive Cancer: Examples of Intrinsically Multiscale Problems

ByDirk Drasdo, Nick Jagiella, Ignacio Ramis-Conde, Irene E. Vignon-Clementel, William Weens

chapter 15|26 pages

Delaunay Object Dynamics for Tissues Involving Highly Motile Cells

ByTilo Beyer, Michael Meyer-Hermann