The integration and convergence of state-of-the-art technologies in the grid have enabled more flexible, automatic, and complex grid services to fulfill industrial and commercial needs, from the LHC at CERN to meteorological forecasting systems. Fundamentals of Grid Computing: Theory, Algorithms and Technologies discusses how the novel technologies

chapter 1|28 pages

Grid computing overview

ByFre´de´ric Magoule`s, Thi-Mai-Huong Nguyen, and Lei Yu

chapter 2|38 pages

Synchronization protocols for sharing resources in grid envi- ronments

ByJulien Sopena, Luciana Arantes, Fabrice Legond-Aubry, Pierre Sens

chapter 3|34 pages

Data replication in grid environments

ByThi-Mai-Huong Nguyen and Fre´de´ric Magoule`s

chapter 4|24 pages

Data management in grids

ByJean-Marc Pierson

chapter 6|34 pages

Fault-tolerance and availability awareness in computational grids

ByXavier Besseron, Mohamed-Slim Bouguerra, Thierry Gautier, Erik Saule

chapter 8|28 pages

Broadcasting for grids

chapter 9|38 pages

Load balancing algorithms for dynamic networks

ByJacques M. Bahi, Raphae¨l Couturier, and Abderrahmane Sider