The unprecedented amount of data produced with high-throughput experimentation forces biologists to employ mathematical representation and computation to glean meaningful information in systems-level biology. Applying this approach to the underlying molecular mechanisms of tumorgenesis, cancer research is enjoying a series of new discoveries and biological insights. Unique in its dualistic approach, this book introduces the concepts and theories of systems biology and their applications in cancer research. It presents basic cancer biology and cutting-edge topics of cancer research for computational biologists alongside systems biology analysis tools for experimental biologists.

part I|212 pages

Cancer Systems Biology: Concepts and Applications

chapter Chapter 1|20 pages

A Roadmap of Cancer Systems Biology

ByEdwin Wang

chapter Chapter 2|11 pages

Network Biology, the Framework of Systems Biology

ByJing-Dong Han

chapter Chapter 3|17 pages

Reconstructing Gene Networks Using Gene Expression Profiles

ByMario Lauria, Diego di Bernardo

chapter Chapter 4|15 pages

Understanding Cancer Progression in Protein Interaction Networks

ByJinsheng Sun, Jie Li, Edwin Wang

chapter Chapter 5|22 pages

From Tumor Genome Sequencing to Cancer Signaling Maps

ByCong Fu, Edwin Wang

chapter Chapter 6|15 pages

Ubiquitin-Mediated Regulation of Human Signaling Networks in Normal and Cancer Cells

ByCong Fu, Jie Li, Edwin Wang

chapter Chapter 7|17 pages

microRNA Regulation of Networks of Normal and Cancer Cells

ByPradeep kumar Shreenivasaiah, Do Han Kim, Edwin Wang

chapter Chapter 8|17 pages

Network Model of Survival Signaling in T-Cell Large Granular Lymphocyte Leukemia

ByRanran Zhang, Thomas P. Loughran, Réka Albert

chapter Chapter 9|21 pages

Cancer Metabolic Networks: Metabolic Pathways Modeling and Metabolomics in Cancer Research

ByMiroslava Cuperlovic-Culf

chapter Chapter 10|25 pages

Warburg Revisited: Modeling Energy Metabolism for Cancer Systems Biology

ByMathieu Cloutier

chapter Chapter 11|22 pages

Cancer Gene Prediction Using a Network Approach

ByXuebing Wu, Shao Li

part II|90 pages

Cancer Biology: Basic Concepts and Cutting-Edge Topics

chapter Chapter 12|18 pages

Cancer Genomics to Cancer Biology

ByMaria Luz Jaramillo, Chabane Tibiche

chapter Chapter 13|28 pages

Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition (EMT)

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
ByAnne E.G. Lenferink

chapter Chapter 14|21 pages

Tumors and Their Microenvironments

ByNicholas R. Bertos, Morag Park

chapter Chapter 15|20 pages

Tumor Angiogenesis

Cell-Microenvironment Interactions
ByAlly Pen, Danica B. Stanimirovic, Maria J. Moreno

part III|92 pages

Data Resources and Software Tools for Cancer Systems Biology

chapter Chapter 16|18 pages

Modeling Tools for Cancer Systems Biology

ByWayne Materi, David S. Wishart

chapter Chapter 18|16 pages

Gene Set and Pathway-Based

Analysis for Cancer Omics
ByDougu Nam, Seon-young Kim

chapter Chapter 19|16 pages

SH2 Domain Signaling Network and Cancer

ByShawn S.-C. Li, Thamara K.J. Dayarathna

chapter Chapter 20|12 pages

Data Sources and Computational Tools for Cancer Systems Biology

ByYun Ma, Pradeep kumar Shreenivasaiah, Edwin Wang