Coined in the 1970s, the term sustainable development and the ideas behind it have enjoyed varying amounts of popularity over the years. And while dire predictions abound, the full impacts of global warming are not known, nor can they be known. What we do know is that to be sustainable, all societies must adjust to new realities, which include chan

chapter 3|38 pages

Refining the Ecological Footprint

ByJason Venetoulis, John Talberth

chapter 4|20 pages

Learning by Experiencing: Systemics, Futures Thinking, and Scenarios

ByRichard Bawden, Michael Reichenbach

chapter 5|20 pages

Using Lean Thinking Approaches to Speed Sustainable Development

ByJames R. Sinton

chapter 6|14 pages

Working Together to Sustain Local Economy, Environment, and Community: The University of Minnesota Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships

ByKathy Draeger, Linda Ulland, Okechukwu Ukaga, Michael Reichenbach

chapter 8|10 pages

Taking Personal Action toward Sustainability

ByViviane Simon-Brown, Chris Maser

chapter 9|14 pages

Participatory Leadership for Sustainable Development1

ByOkechukwu Ukaga, Charles Moumouni, Michael Reichenbach, Chris Maser