High pressure biology is an old, fascinating and stimulating field of research. One of the major reasons for the interest in studying high pressure is that this environmental factor also plays an important role in thermodynamics and consequently in biology. Pressure, from a biological perspective, has a bearing on all living creatures. The book pre

part |1 pages

Pressure and Cell Components

chapter 1|21 pages

Protein Kinetics under High Pressure

ByStéphane Marchal, Joan Torrent, Reinhard Lange

chapter 2|17 pages

Protein Folding and Aggregation under Pressure

ByLászló Smeller

chapter 3|18 pages

Pressure and Heat Shock Proteins

ByFerenc G. Tölgyesi, Csaba Böde

chapter 4|23 pages

Pressure Perturbation of Artificial and Natural Membranes

ByRoland Winter

chapter 5|34 pages

High Pressure and Food Conservation

ByEliane Dumay, Dominique Chevalier-Lucia, Tomás López-Pedemonte

part |1 pages

Pressure and Cell and Tissue Functions

chapter 6|22 pages

Pressure Effects on Cells

ByStephen Daniels, Yoram Grossman

chapter 7|17 pages

Pressure Sensing: Depth Sensors and Depth Usage

ByPeter J. Fraser

chapter 8|26 pages

Pressure Effects on Mammalian Central Nervous System

ByYoram Grossman, Ben Aviner, Amir Mor

chapter 9|24 pages

Pressure and Osmoregulation

ByA.J.R. Péqueux, P. Sébert

chapter 10|39 pages

Muscle Function and High Hydrostatic Pressures

Cellular Mechanisms and Implications for Taxonomic Environmental Locomotion
ByOliver Friedrich

chapter 11|31 pages

Pressure and Reactive Oxygen Species

ByC. Moisan, A. Amérand, Y. Jammes, C. Lavoute, J.J. Risso

part |1 pages

Pressure and Living Organisms

chapter 12|38 pages

Piezophilic Prokaryotes

ByD. Prieur, D. Bartlett, C. Kato, Ph. Oger, M. Jebbar

chapter 13|59 pages

Effects of the Deep-Sea Environment on Invertebrates

ByJoseph F. Siebenaller

chapter 14|31 pages

Fish and Pressure

ByAlfredo Damasceno-Oliveira, Philippe Sébert

chapter 15|20 pages

Pressure Tolerance in Diving Mammals and Birds

ByMichael Castellini

part |157 pages

Pressure and Man

chapter 17|13 pages

Ventilatory and Circulatory Responses to Diving

ByYves Jammes

chapter 18|17 pages

Inert Gas Narcosis

ByJ.C. Rostain, C. Lavoute

chapter 19|34 pages

The High Pressure Nervous Syndrome

ByJ.C. Rostain, J.J. Risso, J.H. Abraini

chapter 20|37 pages

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

ByStephen R. Thom

chapter 21|16 pages

High Hydrostatic Pressure and Cancer

ByGerrit Blümelhuber

chapter 22|37 pages

Working Under Pressure

ByJean-Claude Le Péchon