Integrating Information with GI Technology examines the components necessary for building infrastructure to support the panoly of Geographic Information (GI) research and services. These include novel approaches to two- and three-dimensional spatial analysis and spatio-temporal modelling. The book establishes the case for the Web as the technologic

chapter 1|9 pages


ByBruce M. Gittings

part |1 pages

PART I Creating a Data Infrastructure

chapter 2|13 pages

NSDI was supposed to be a verb

ByNancy Tosta

chapter 3|14 pages

Spatial Information Systems and the World Wide Web

ByCláudio de Souza Baptista and Zarine Kemp

chapter 4|14 pages

Web-based geospatial data conversion tools

ByAnup Pradhan, Bruce M. Gittings

chapter 5|13 pages

Implementing an object-oriented approach to data quality

ByMatt Duckham, Jane Drummond

part |1 pages

PART II Integrating GIS with the Internet

chapter 6|12 pages

The Web, maps and society

ByMenno-Jan Kraak

chapter 7|14 pages

A decision support demonstrator for abiotic damage to trees, using a WWW interface

ByRoger Dunham, David R. Miller, Marianne L. Broadgate

chapter 8|12 pages

Integrated Regional Development Support System (IRDSS)

ByAdrian Moore, Gerard Parr, Donna McCormick, Stephen McAlister

part |1 pages

PART III Operational Spatial Analysis

chapter 10|12 pages

Putting the Geographical Analysis Machine on the Internet

ByStan Openshaw, Ian Turton, James Macgill, John Davy

chapter 11|13 pages

The use of fuzzy classification to improve geodemographic targeting

ByZhiqiang Feng, Robin Flowerdew

part |1 pages

PART IV Beyond Two Dimensions

chapter 14|17 pages

Terrain modelling enhancement for intervisibility analysis

ByMark Dorey, Andrew Sparkes, David Kidner, Christopher Jones, Mark Ware

chapter 15|16 pages

Distributed viewshed analysis for planning applications

ByPhilip Rallings, David Kidner, Andrew Ware

part |1 pages

PART V Informing Through Modelling

chapter 17|13 pages

An integrated temporal GIS model for traffic systems

ByAdam Etches, Christophe Claramunt, Andre Bargiela, Iisakki Kosonen

chapter 18|14 pages

To interpolate and thence to model, or vice versa?

ByClaire H. Jarvis, Neil Stuart, Richard H. A. Baker, Derek Morgan

chapter 19|12 pages

The application of GIS to the modelling of snow drift

ByRoss Purves, Jim Barton, William Mackaness, David Sugden

chapter 20|18 pages

Modelling river floodplain inundation in space and time

ByCarsten Peter, Neil Stuart