The Handbook of Polymer Testing: Physical Methods provides virtually currently used techniques for measuring and testing the physical properties of polymers. A concise but detailed technical guide to the physical testing methods of synthetic polymers in plastics, rubbers, cellular materials, textiles, coated fabrics, and composites, the book analys

chapter 1|4 pages


chapter 2|4 pages

Putting Testing in Perspective

chapter 4|90 pages


chapter 5|20 pages

Sample Preparation

chapter 6|16 pages


chapter 7|16 pages

Mass, Density, and Dimensions

chapter 8|14 pages

Processability Tests

chapter 9|54 pages

Strength and Stiffness Properties

chapter 10|20 pages

Fatigue and Wear

chapter 11|10 pages

Time-Dependent Properties

chapter 12|8 pages

Effect of Temperature

chapter 13|8 pages

Environmental Resistance

chapter 14|8 pages

Other Physical Properties

chapter 15|6 pages

Testing of Rubber

chapter 16|24 pages

Particular Requirements for Plastics

chapter 17|66 pages

Cellular Materials

chapter 19|20 pages

Textile Polymers

chapter 20|56 pages

Coated Fabrics

chapter 22|32 pages

Fracture Mechanics Properties

chapter 23|56 pages


chapter 24|20 pages

Thermal Properties

chapter 25|30 pages

Electrical Properties

chapter 26|12 pages

Optical Properties

chapter 27|38 pages

Testing for Fire

chapter 28|38 pages


chapter 29|12 pages

Lifetime Prediction

chapter 30|14 pages


chapter 31|12 pages


chapter 32|68 pages

Nondestructive Testing