This book presents the latest research development on fibre reinforced cementitious materials, especially those related to ageing and durability. The book forms the Proceedings of the International Symposium held at Sheffield in July 1992, the latest in a series of RILEM symposia on this subject, organised by RILEM Technical Committee 102-AFC Ageing and Durability to Fibre Cement Composites.

part Part One|47 pages

Keynote Papers

chapter 1|9 pages

Fibre Reinforced Concrete – Where Do We Go from Here?

ByB. I. G. Barr

chapter 3|17 pages

“From Forest to Factory to Fabrication”

ByR. S. P. Coutts

part Part Two|136 pages

New Fibres, Fabrication, Early Age and Strength Properties

chapter 4|10 pages

Comparison of Fundamental Properties of Concrete Using New- And Old-Type Steel Fibre

ByK. Kohno, J. Suda, K. Miyazaki, N. Kakimi, M. Suzuki

chapter 5|9 pages

Microwave Processing of Fibre Reinforced Cement Composites

ByJ. Pera, J. Ambroise, M. Farha

chapter 6|12 pages

Workability and Durability of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Cast with Normal Plasticizers

ByM. Uyan, H. Yildirim, A. H. Eryaman

chapter 7|9 pages

Plastic Shrinkage Characteristics of Fibre Reinforced Cement Composites

ByA. Khajuria, P. Balaguru

chapter 9|12 pages

Fibre Effect on Cracking of Concrete Due to Shrinkage

ByH. M. S. Abdul-Wahab, H. K. Ahmad

chapter 11|12 pages

Influence of Fibre Parameters on Compressive Deformation of Steel Fibre Reinforced Cements

ByA. E. S. Abdul-Monem, R. S. Baggott

chapter 12|15 pages

Compressive Strength and Modulus of High Early Strength Fiber Reinforced Concrete

ByF. M. Alkhairi, A. E. Naaman

chapter 13|13 pages

Flexural Testing of Steel Fibre Reinforced Refractory Concrete at Elevated Temperatures

ByP. J. Robins, S. A. Austin

chapter 15|7 pages

Flexural Strength of Steel Wool Reinforced Mortar

ByJ. R. Al-Feel, N. K. Al-Layla

part Part Three|111 pages

Engineering Properties, Dynamic Behaviour

chapter 16|12 pages

Characteristics of Acoustic Emission in Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete

ByYue Chongnian, Dai Wenbing

chapter 17|10 pages

Crack Development in Plain and Steel Fibre Concrete Due to an Expanding Steel Bar

ByA. T. Moczko, D. H. Dalhuisen, P. Stroeven

chapter 18|9 pages

The Development of an Instrumented Impact Testing Apparatus

ByH. Mahjoub-Moghaddas, N. J. S. Gorst, B. I. G. Barr

chapter 20|11 pages

Impact Shear Strength of FRC Materials

ByH Mahjoub-Moghaddas, B. I. G. Barr

chapter 21|12 pages

Sifcon Subjected to Shear: Effect of Material Anisotropy on Strength and Stiffness

ByJ. G. M. van Mier, G. Timmers

chapter 22|9 pages

Post-Fatigue Properties of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete

ByV. Ukrainczyk, Z. Rak

chapter 24|19 pages

Steel Fibre Reinforced Dry-Mix Shotcrete: Effect of Fibre Geometry on Fibre Rebound and Mechanical Properties

ByN. Banthia, J. -F. Trottier, D. Wood, D. Beaupre

part Part Four|58 pages

Fracture Behaviour

chapter 25|17 pages

Toughness Behaviour of Fibre Reinforced Concrete

ByWei-Ling Lin

chapter 26|8 pages

Pressing of Premixed Grc: Influence of Fiber Length on Toughness

ByJ. Ambroise, J. Pera

chapter 27|19 pages

Polypropylene Frc: Fiber-Matrix Bond Strength

ByJ. R. L. Dyczek, M. A. Petri

chapter 28|12 pages

Tensile Properties of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete

ByM. P. Luong, H. Liu, J. L. Trinh, T. P. Tran

part Part Five|109 pages


chapter 29|9 pages

Optimizing the Composition of Polypropylene Fibre Reinforced Cementitious Composites

ByL. Hebda, L. Rudzinski, B. Turlej

chapter 30|14 pages

Modelization of the Tensile Stress–Strain Curve of Glassfibre Reinforced Cements

ByM. L. Sanchez Paradela, V. Sanchez Galvez

chapter 31|10 pages

Energy Dissipation During Steel Fibre Pull-Out

ByG. Chanvillard

chapter 32|10 pages

Deformed Steel Fiber Pull-Out Mechanics: Influence of Steel Properties

ByM. R. Krishnadev, S. Berrada, N. Banthia, J.-F. Fortier

chapter 34|8 pages

A Theoretical Model of Hybrid Fibre Reinforced Concrete

ByYue Changnian, Chen Yaoliong

chapter 36|12 pages

Non-Linear Finite Element Analysis of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete Members

ByS. A. Al-Taan, N. A. Ezzadeen

chapter 37|17 pages

Shear Response of Reinforced Fibrous Concrete Beams Using Finite Element Method

ByK. Murugappan, P. Paramasivam, K. H. Tan

part Part Six|191 pages

Structural Behaviour

chapter 39|13 pages

Polypropylene Fibre Concrete Beams in Flexure

ByS. Ghosh, A. Roy

chapter 40|10 pages

Fibre Reinforced Concrete Channels as Surface Reinforcement for Flexural Members

ByA. S. Parulekar, I. I. Pandya, S. K. Damle

chapter 41|8 pages

Fibre Type Effects on the Curvature in Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete Rings

ByJ. Hájek, K. Komloš, T. Nürnbergerová, B. Babál

chapter 42|13 pages

Use of Steel Fibers as Shear Reinforcement in High Strength Concrete Beams

ByS. A. Ashour, F. F. Wafa

chapter 43|11 pages

Polypropylene Fibre Concrete Beams in Shear–Flexure

ByS. Ghosh, A. Roy

chapter 44|13 pages

Contribution of Fibres in SFRC Beams Failing in Shear

ByA. Cheriyan, S. Krishnan

chapter 45|17 pages

Experimental Investigation on Fiber Reinforced Prestressed Concrete Beams Under Shear

ByR. S. Rajagopal, S. Siddappa

chapter 46|15 pages

Fiber Reinforced Concrete Columns Using Dolomite as Coarse Aggregate

ByH. H. Bahnasawy, F. E. El-Refai, M. M. Kamal

chapter 47|15 pages

Mechanical Behavior of Composite RC Columns with Thin Section Precast GRC Panels

ByE. Makitani, N. Yanagisawa, M. Hayashi, I. Uchida

chapter 48|12 pages

Behavior of Confined Concrete with Steel Fibres

ByA. H. Al-Shaikh

chapter 49|16 pages

Use of Steel Fibre Concrete in Seismic Design

ByB. Katzensteiner, S. Mindess, A. Filiatrault, N. D. Nathan, N. Banthia

chapter 50|14 pages

Strength and Behaviour of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete Slabs Subjected to Impact Loading

ByM. A. Al-Ausi, S. A-Salih, A. L. K. Aldouri

chapter 51|13 pages

Strength and Behavior of Vertically Loaded Fiber Reinforced Concrete Walls

ByA. A. Shaheen, M. M. E. Nassef, A. Abdul-Rahman, A. H. Elzanaty

part Part Seven|89 pages


chapter 52|17 pages

Fastening Technology in Fibre Reinforced Concrete

ByE. Walter, W. J. Ammann

chapter 54|10 pages

Obtaining General Qualification Approval in Germany for Polyacrylo-Nitrile-Fibre Concrete

ByH. Hähne, H. Techen, J. -D. Wörner

chapter 56|10 pages

Fibre Reinforced Concrete Containers: From Concept to Manufacturing

ByR. Pech, B. Schacher

chapter 57|10 pages

Design of Fibre Reinforced Concrete Floors

ByÖ. Petersson

chapter 58|13 pages

Application of SFRC as Protective Covering of Structures Subjected to Substantial Strains and Dynamic Loading

ByR. Gramatikova, S. Sasisdek, M. Sliwinski

part Part Eight|215 pages

Ageing and Durability

chapter 59|15 pages

Effect of High Temperature on the Mechanical Properties of Fibre Reinforced Concrete Cast Using Superplasticizer

ByF. E. El-Refai, M. M. Kamal, H. H. Bahnasawy

chapter 60|11 pages

Behaviour of Fibre Reinforced Concrete Beams Exposed to Fire

ByM. M. Kamal, H. H. Bahnasawy, F. E. El-Refai

chapter 61|13 pages

Mechanical Properties of Fibre Reinforced Mortar Exposed to Gamma Radiation

ByR. H. Mills, C. Seni

chapter 62|14 pages

Durability of Fibre Reinforced Concrete Related to Type of Cement and Admixtures

ByO. A. Salah Eldin, S. N. Elibiari

chapter 63|19 pages

Durability of Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer Mortar Composites

ByM. Neelamegan, V. S. Parameswaran

chapter 64|17 pages

Development of Fracture Energy for FRC Materials

ByE. S. Larsen

chapter 65|13 pages

Freeze-Thaw Resistance of FRC Materials

ByE. S. Larsen

chapter 66|9 pages

Chloride Resistance of SFRC

ByD. Singhal, R. Agrawal, B. D. Nautiyal

chapter 68|11 pages

Assessment of Steel Fibre Concrete Exposed for 14 Years

ByT. Hara, M. Shoya, K. Kikuchi

chapter 69|5 pages

Performance Evaluation of SFRC Pavements

ByS. K. Kaushik, R. M. Vasan

chapter 70|14 pages

High Durability GFRC Using Low-Alkali, Low Shrinkage (CGC) Cement

ByM. Hayashi, T. Suenaga, I. Uchida, S. Takahashi

chapter 71|19 pages

Durability of Medium-Alkali Glass Fiber Reinforced Super Low-Alkali Cement

ByYang Qingji, Huang Daneng, Yang Guoying

chapter 72|5 pages

Glass Fiber Reinforced Lightweight Concrete Modified with Polymer Latex

ByLin Weiwei, Wang Heng

chapter 73|7 pages

Effects Of Quality Control Practice on Gfrc Durability – Us Experience

ByD. M. Schultz, J. J. Roller, T. L. Weinmann, R. G. Oesterle

chapter 74|21 pages

Aging and Cracking of Composite GFRC Wall Panel Skins on Metal Stud Frames in the United States

ByD. W. Pfeifer, E. A. Rogalla, W. J. Nugent

part Part Nine|63 pages

Synthetic Fibres and Reinforcement

chapter 76|15 pages

Mechanical Characteristics of Chopped Fiber Reinforced Cement Composites Mainly Using Carbon Fiber

ByT. Fukushima, K. Shirayama, K. Hitotsuya, T. Maruyama

chapter 77|8 pages

Experimental Study of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Cement Composite Using Super Low Contractile Admixture

ByK. Yoda, T. Suenaga, T. Tamaki, J. Morimoto

chapter 78|12 pages

Development of Panels Made with Continuous Carbon Fibre Reinforced Cement Composite

ByT. Hattori, K. Suziki, T. Nishigaki, T. Matsuhashi, K. Saito, K. Shiraki

chapter 79|15 pages

Long-Term Loading Tests on PPC Beams Using Braided FRP Rods

ByT. Okamoto, S. Matsubara, M. Tanigaki, K. Hasuo

chapter 80|11 pages

Bending Behaviour of Unbonded Prestressed Concrete Beams Prestressed with CFRP Rods

ByH. Hamada, T. Fukute, K. Yamamoto

part Part Ten|189 pages

Special Fibres, Natural Fibres

chapter 81|15 pages

Studies on White Mica Flakes as Reinforcement for Cement Paste

ByShen Rong-Xi, Wang Wuxiang

chapter 83|6 pages

Metal-Reinforced Cement Materials

ByR. F. Runova, S. Ye. Maksunov

chapter 84|17 pages

Mechanical Properties of Sisal Fiber-Mortar Composites Containing Rice Husk Ash

ByB. Chatveera, P. Nimityongskul

chapter 88|10 pages

Transition Zone of Hardened Cement Paste and Vegetable Fibres

ByH. Savastano, V. Agopyan

chapter 89|8 pages

Durability Studies On Coir Fibre Reinforced Cement Boards

ByL. K. Aggarwal

chapter 91|12 pages

Development of Sisal Cement Composites as Substitute for Asbestos Cement Components for Roofing

ByM. Saxena, R. K. Morchhale, A. N. Meshram, A. C. Khazanchi

chapter 92|14 pages

Fibre–Matrix Interactions in Autoclaved Cellulose Cement Composites

ByB. de Lhoneux, T. Avella

chapter 94|8 pages

Performance Properties of Sisal-Fiber-Reinforced Roofing Tiles in the Ivory Coast

ByO. Sande, O. Dutt, W. Lei, D. Tra Bi Yrie

chapter 95|10 pages

Coconut and Sisal Fibre Reinforced Cement and Gypsum Matrices

ByC. W. A. de Pires Sobrinho

part Part Eleven|121 pages


chapter 97|13 pages

Prediction of Post-Cracking Behaviour of Ferrocement Box Girder Elements by FEM

ByN. M. Bhandari, V. K. Sehgal, S. K. Kaushik, D. N. Trikha

chapter 99|8 pages

Corrosion Performance of Ferrocement Structures 1972–1990

ByV. K. Gupta, V. K. Tiwari, P. C. Sharma, S. K. Kaushik, D. N. Trikha

chapter 100|12 pages

Performance of Twin Cell Ferrocement Box Girder Roof/Floor Structures

ByV. K. Sehgal, N. M. Bhandari, S. K. Kaushik

chapter 101|17 pages

Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete-Ferrocement Composites

ByM. Hossain, R. P. Pama, P. Nimityongskul

chapter 102|8 pages

Design of Ferrocement Composite Columns

ByK. K. Singh, S. K. Kaushik, A. Prakash

chapter 105|17 pages

Ferrocement Applications in Israel

ByE. Z. Tatsa

chapter 106|9 pages

Performance Appraisal of Ferrocement Northlight Folded Plates

ByS. K. Kaushik, V. K. Gupta