Intended for specialists in B cell immunology, investigating such topics as movement of a monoclonal antibody from the laboratory into the clinic, the field of Fc receptors and the impact of monoclonal antibodies on diagnosis and treatment of human

chapter 1|42 pages

The Evolution of MAbs from Research Reagents to Mainstream Commercial Therapeutics

ByRoland Newman, Thomas Ryskamp

chapter Two|80 pages

Fc Receptors

ByMarc Daëron

chapter 4|24 pages

Expression of the Immunoglobulin Lambda Locus in the Mouse

ByPierre Sanchez, Soulef Hachemi-Rachedi, Pierre Boudinot, Pierre-André Cazenave

chapter 5|34 pages

Structural Bases of Light Chain-Related Pathology

ByFred J. Stevens, Deborah T. Weiss, Alan Solomon