A comprehensive review of international and national standards and guidelines, this handbook consists of 32 chapters divided into nine sections that cover standardization efforts, anthropometry and working postures, designing manual material, human-computer interaction, occupational health and safety, legal protection, military human factor standar

part I|108 pages

Standardization Efforts in Human Factors and Ergonomics

chapter 1|44 pages

An Overview of International Standardization Efforts in Human Factors and Ergonomics

ByBohdana Sherehiy, David Rodrick, Waldemar Karwowski

chapter 2|31 pages

Positioning Ergonomics Standards and Standardization

ByJan Dul, Henk J. de Vries

part II|58 pages

Nature of HF/E Standards and Guidelines

chapter 4|22 pages

National Standardization Efforts in Ergonomics and Human Factors

ByHeather A. Priest, Katherine A. Wilson, Eduardo Salas

chapter 5|15 pages

Overview of National and International Standards and Guidelines

ByCarol Stuart-Buttle

chapter 6|8 pages

Balancing Stakeholder Representation: An Example of Stakeholder Involvement in Ergonomics Standardization

ByHarmen Willemse, Henk J. de Vries, Jan Dul

chapter 7|10 pages

Some Ergonomics Standards in Ancient China

ByPei-Luen Patrick Rau

part III|73 pages

Engineering Anthropometry and Working Postures

chapter 8|28 pages

Standards in Anthropometry

ByAndreas Seidl, Heiner Bubb

chapter 9|4 pages

Evaluation of Static Working Postures

ByNico J. Delleman, Jan Dul

chapter 10|6 pages

Evaluation of Working Postures and Movements in Relation to Machinery

ByNico J. Delleman, Jan Dul

chapter 11|19 pages

Standards on Physical Work: Demands in the Construction Industry

ByHenk F. van der Molen, Nico J. Delleman

part IV|95 pages

Design and Evaluation of Manual Material Handling Tasks

chapter 13|12 pages

Repetitive Actions and Movements of the Upper Limbs

ByEnrico Occhipinti, Daniela Colombini

chapter 14|16 pages

Ergonomics of Manual Handling—Part 1: Lifting and Carrying

ByKarlheinz G. Schaub

chapter 15|21 pages

Ergonomics of Manual Handling—Part 2: Pushing and Pulling

ByKarlheinz G. Schaub, Peter Schaefer

chapter 17|10 pages

Guidelines for the Prevention of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders: The Italian Experience

ByEnrico Occhipinti, Daniela Colombini, Antonio Grieco

chapter 18|19 pages

Assessment of Manual Material Handling Based on Key Indicators: German Guidelines

ByUlf Steinberg, Gustav Caffier, Falk Liebers

part V|73 pages

Human–Computer Interaction

chapter 21|15 pages

Practical Universal Design Guidelines: A New Proposal

ByKazuhiko Yamazaki, Toshiki Yamaoka, Sohsuke Saitoh, Koji Yanagida, Akira Okada, Masatoshi Nomura, Sadao Horino

chapter 22|17 pages

Virtual Environment Usage Protocols

ByKay M. Stanney, David A. Graeber, Robert S. Kennedy

chapter 23|11 pages

Location and Arrangement of Displays and Control Actuators

ByRobert W. Proctor, Kim-Phuong L. Vu

part VI|95 pages

Management of Occupational Safety and Health

chapter 24|28 pages

The Benefits of Occupational Health and Safety Standards

ByDenis A. Coelho, João Carlos de Oliveira Matias

chapter 25|29 pages

World Trends in Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

ByPranab K. Nag, Anjali Nag

chapter 26|22 pages

European Union’s Legal Standard on Risk Assessment

ByKaj Frick

chapter 27|13 pages

ILO Guidelines on Occupational Safety and Health Management Systems

ByDaniel Podgórski

part VII|32 pages

Safety and Legal Protection Standards

part VIII|27 pages

Military Human Factors Standards

part IX|24 pages

Sources of Human Factors and Ergonomics Standards

chapter 32|22 pages

Sources and Bibliography of Selected Human Factors and Ergonomics Standards

ByDavid Rodrick, Waldemar Karwowski