The book documents the scientific facts regarding climate change and a brief overview of the key developments in the climate change regime, discussing Kyoto Protocol and beyond. The North-South politics regarding energy markets and the emissions there from, are also discussed in the book. After establishing the scientific base, presenting agreement

chapter 1|26 pages


ByVelma I. Grover

chapter 2|24 pages

Global Climate Change Regime: Taking Stock and Looking Ahead"

ByBenito Muller

chapter 3|16 pages

Kyoto Protocol: Insignificant Impact on Global Emissions

ByCathrine Hagem, Bjart Holtsmark

chapter 4|22 pages

Climate Negotiations from Rio to Marrakech: An Assessment

ByJoyeeta Gupta, Alison Lobsinger

chapter 6|28 pages

Can the Kyoto Goals be Achieved Using the Oceans as Sinks?

ByPaul Johnston, David Santillo, Bill Hare

chapter 7|30 pages

The Idea of Social Progress and Emissions Trading

ByJon Rosales

part |2 pages


chapter 9|18 pages

Petitioning for Adverse Impacts of Global Warming in the Inter-American Human Rights System

ByDonald M. Goldberg, Martin Wagner

part |2 pages


chapter 10|20 pages

Climate Change and Water Resources Management in Semiarid Southern Africa

BySemiarid Southern Africa Umoh T. Umoh, Santosh Kumar and A. A. Oladimeji

chapter 11|20 pages

Adaptation to Effects of Climate Change in Southern Africa

ByUmoh T. Umoh, A. A. Oladimeji, Santosh Kumar

chapter 12|22 pages

Climate Change, Vulnerability, and Adaptation in Bangladesh

BySaleemul Huq, Khondkar Moinuddin

chapter 13|24 pages

Seeking the Middle Ground Between More and Less: A Canadian Perspective

ByHeather A. Smith

chapter 14|12 pages

Costa Rica and Its Climate Change Policies: Five Years after Kyoto

ByAna V. Rojas

chapter 16|16 pages

Indonesia: The Suffering Nation

ByHarry Surjadi

chapter 18|20 pages

Sri Lanka: Its Industry and Challenges in. the Face of Climate Change

ByAjith de Alwis

chapter 19|18 pages

Environmental and Socioeconomic Impacts Associated with Climate Changes in Brazil

ByMarcia Marques, William Hogland

part |2 pages


chapter 21|24 pages

Reclaiming the Atmospheric Commons: Beyond Kyoto

ByJohn Byrne, Leigh Glover, Vernese Inniss, Jyoti Kulkarni, Yu-Mi Mun, Noah Toly, Young-Doo Wang