Crack reflection through a road structure is one of the main causes of premature pavement deterioration. This is a widespread problem in many countries and highway maintenance authorities are having to find economic means of repairing and upgrading their pavements. This book is the eagerly awaited state-of-the-art report which considers all differe

chapter 1|16 pages

Cracking in pavements: nature and origin of cracks

ByG. Colombier

chapter 2|23 pages

Assessment and evaluation of the reflection crack potential

ByMolenaar and J.Potter

chapter 3|15 pages

Crack prevention and use of overlay systems

ByA.Vanelstraete and A.H.de Bondt

chapter 4|20 pages

Characterization of overlay systems

ByA.Vanelstraete, A.H.de Bondt, L.Courard

chapter 5|17 pages

Modelling and structural design of overlay systems

ByL Francken, A.Vanelstraete, A.H.de Bondt

chapter 6|20 pages

Implementation of overlay systems on the construction site

ByF. Verhee, J. P. Serfass, T. Levy

chapter 7|9 pages

Summary and conclusions

ByA. Vanelstraete, L Francken