The use of positive muons to simulate protons in solids is a relatively new, but already successful field of research, which exploits the unique properties of the muon. This book is a collection of papers for special issues of the Philosophical Magazine Part B and the Philosophical Magazine Transactions A,- 30 papers on the topic of muon implantation - an experimental technique to investigate the properties of solids. The papers cover both the theoretical and experimental aspects of the subject.

Includes: 1. Theory of Hydrogen in Semiconductors 2. Muon Studies in Organic Conductors 3. Protons in Oxides 4. Quantum Diffusion of Muonium in Inhomogeneous Crystals 5. Charge Transport in Solid Nitrogen 6. Muon-Hydrogen Correlation in Amorphous Alloys 7. Hydrogen and Muonium Reactivities 8. Molecular Dynamics in Solids and on Surfaces