Algorithms and Theory of Computation Handbook, Second Edition: General Concepts and Techniques provides an up-to-date compendium of fundamental computer science topics and techniques. It also illustrates how the topics and techniques come together to deliver efficient solutions to important practical problems. Along with updating and revising many

chapter 1|28 pages

Algorithm Design and Analysis Techniques

chapter 2|16 pages


chapter 3|28 pages

Sorting and Order Statistics

chapter 4|26 pages

Basic Data Structures*

chapter 5|30 pages

Topics in Data Structures

chapter 7|24 pages

Basic Graph Algorithms

chapter 8|24 pages

Advanced Combinatorial Algorithms

chapter 11|40 pages

Average Case Analysis of Algorithms*

chapter 12|24 pages

Randomized Algorithms*

chapter 13|30 pages

Pattern Matching in Strings

chapter 14|26 pages

Text Data Compression Algorithms

chapter 15|22 pages

General Pattern Matching

chapter 16|24 pages

Computational Number Theory

chapter 17|34 pages

Algebraic and Numerical Algorithms

chapter 18|32 pages

Applications of FFT and Structured Matrices

chapter 19|22 pages

Basic Notions in Computational Complexity

chapter 22|24 pages

Complexity Classes

chapter 23|30 pages

Reducibility and Completeness

chapter 24|28 pages

Other Complexity Classes and Measures

chapter 25|30 pages

Parameterized Algorithms

chapter 26|24 pages

Computational Learning Theory*

chapter 27|26 pages

Algorithmic Coding Theory

chapter 29|20 pages

Distributed Computing: A Glimmer of a Theory

chapter 30|40 pages

Linear Programming*

chapter 31|48 pages

Integer Programming*

chapter 32|40 pages

Convex Optimization

chapter 33|18 pages

Simulated Annealing Techniques