This volume is concerned with digital human modeling. The utility of this area of research is to aid the design of systems that are benefitted from reducing the need for physical prototyping and incorporating ergonomics and human factors earlier in design processes. Digital human models are representations of some aspects of a human that can be ins

chapter 2|10 pages

Anthropometrics and ergonomics assessment in the TMMA manikin 13

ByE. Svensson, E. Bertilsson, D. Hogberg and L. Hanson, Sweden

chapter 4|10 pages

Occupant Model Validation

chapter 7|10 pages

Trust and Reliance in HSCB Models

chapter 8|10 pages

Are Force Dynamics Determined by Hand Posture During Hand Brake Manipulation?

ByK. Li, V. Duffy, USA

chapter 9|7 pages

Human Behaviour Analysis and Modelling: A Mixed Method Approach

ByG. Andreoni, L. Anselmi, F. Costa, M. Mazzola, E. Preatoni, M. Romero and B. Simionato, Italy

chapter 10|10 pages

Vehicle Layout Conception Considering Trunk Loading and Unloading

ByA. Mueller and T. Maier, Germany

chapter 11|8 pages

Modeling and Simulation of Under-Knee Amputee Climbing Task

ByY. Fu, S. Li, B. Yueqing, P. R. China

chapter 12|7 pages

Assessment of Dynamic Reaching Tasks Through a Novel Ergonomical Index

ByE. Preatoni, M. Mazzola and G. Andreoni, Italy

chapter 13|10 pages

Fast and Frugal Heuristics conquer the airport

ByC. Mohlenbrink and E. Schnieder, Germany

chapter 15|10 pages

Development and evaluation of task based digital human modelling for inclusive design

ByR. Marshall, S. Summerskill, K. Case, D. Gyi, R. Sims, UK

chapter 17|11 pages

Dynamic Foot Scanning. Prospects and Limitations of Using Synchronized 3D Scanners to Capture Complete Human Foot Shape While Walking

ByT. Schmeltzpfenning, C. Plank, 1. Krauss, P. Aswendt and S. Grau, Germany

chapter 18|10 pages

The Effects of Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Glove Pressure on Hand Strength

ByM. Mesloh, S. England, L. Benson, S. Thompson, S. Rajulu, USA

chapter 19|10 pages

Physically-Based Grasp Posture Generation for Virtual Ergonomic Assessment Using Digital Hand

ByY. Endo, N. Miyata, M. Kouchi, M. Mochimaru and S. Kanai, Japan

chapter 20|10 pages

The Geriatric 3D Foot Shape

ByA. Luximon, Y. Luximon, D. w.-c. Wong and M. Zhang, Hong Kong

chapter 21|10 pages

Relationship Between Arrangement of Functional Joint Rotation Centers and Body Dimensions

ByK. Aoki, M. Kouchi and M. Mochimaru, Japan

chapter 22|11 pages

Modeling the impact of space suit components and anthropometry on the center of mass ofa seated crewmember

ByC. Blackledge, S. Margerum, M. Ferrer, R. Morency, S. Rajulu, USA

chapter 23|10 pages

4D Anthropometry: Measurement and Modeling of Whole Body Surface Deformation for Sports Garment Design

ByM. Mochimaru, Japan, and S.-I. Park, Korea

chapter 25|10 pages

EARS: Toward Fast Analysis of 3D Human Scans

Byx. Yin, B. Corner and A. Razdan, USA

chapter 27|7 pages

Creating an Average Shoulder Model from Three-dimensional Surface Scans

ByP. Li, B. Corner, S. Paquette, USA

chapter 28|10 pages

Skeleton Eextraction From 3D Dynamic Meshes

chapter 39|8 pages

A Data-Based Approach for Predicting Variation Range of Hand and Foot Maximum Force on a Control: Application to Hand Brake

ByX. Wang, C. Barelle, R. Pannetier, 1. Numa and T. Chapuis, France

chapter 40|10 pages

I-Iuman simulation under anosognosia and neglect in stroke patients

ByN. Tic6-Falguera and E. Pefia-Pitarch, Spain

chapter 41|9 pages

Flashpoint Organizational Profiling: Structured, Theory-Driven Morphological Analysis of Insurgent Networks

ByW. Reynolds, M. Weber, J. Holden-Rhodes, USA

chapter 42|11 pages

Human Shape Modeling in Various Poses

ByZ. Cheng, J. Smith, 1. Parakkat, H. Cheng and K. Robinette, USA

chapter 43|8 pages

Experimental Research on the Confirmation of Human Body Surface Reachable Grade

ByD. Dong, L. Wang, X. Yuan, P. R. China

chapter 45|11 pages

Mixture-of-Behaviors and Levels-of-Expertise in a Bayesian Autonomous Driver Model

ByC. Mabus and M. Eilers, Germany

chapter 46|10 pages

Learning of a Bayesian autonomous driver mixture-of-behaviours (BAD-MoB) model

ByM. Eilers and C. Mabus, Germany

chapter 48|10 pages

A Unified Theoretical Bayesian Model of Speech Communication

ByC. Moulin-Frier, J.-L. Schwartz, J. Diard and P. Bessiere, France

chapter 49|10 pages

Bayesian Modeling of Human Performance in a Visual Processing Training Software

ByJ. Diard, M. Lobier and S. Valdois, France

chapter 51|11 pages

Modelling human response magnitude for electronic message stimulation

ByK. Jach and M. Kulinski, Poland

chapter 52|11 pages

Modelling online buyers' preferences related to webpages layout: Methodology and preliminary results

ByM. Kulinski, K. Jacb, R. Michalski and J. Grobelny, Poland

chapter 53|13 pages

Human preference modeling in usability of graphical interfaces

ByJ. Grobelny and R. Michalski, Poland

chapter 54|13 pages

Investigating Preattentive Features for Modelling Human Behaviour During Visual Search

ByR. Michalski, J. Grobelny, M. Kulinski and K. Jach, Poland

chapter 56|5 pages

Modeling Medication Impairment and Driving Safety

ByV. G. Duffy, USA

chapter 58|9 pages

IMMA-Intelligently Moving Manikin - Project status

ByL. Hanson, D. Hogberg, R. Bohlin and J. Carlson, Sweden

chapter 59|8 pages

Digital Human Model Module and Work Process for Considering Anthropometric Diversity

ByE. Bertilsson, D. Hogberg, and L. Hanson, Sweden

chapter 60|11 pages

Large-Scale Data Based Modeling in Everyday Life for Service Engineering

ByY. Motomura, Japan

chapter 61|10 pages

A Social System That Circulates Safety Knowledge for Injury Prevention

ByY. Nishida, Y. Motomura, K. Kitamura and T. Yamanaka, Japan

chapter 62|10 pages

A system for presenting potential high-risk situation by integrating biomechanical, injury, child behavior model

ByY. Koizumi, Y. Nishida, Y. Motomura, Y. Miyazaki and H. Mizoguchi, Japan

chapter 63|10 pages

A Method of Evidence-Based Risk Assessment through Modeling Infant Behavior and Injury

ByK. Nomori, Y. Nishida, Y. Motomura, T. Yomanaka and A. Komatsubara, Japan

chapter 64|11 pages

Childhood Injury Modeling Based on Injury Data Collected using Bodygraphic Injury Surveillance System

ByK. Kitamura, Y. Nishida and Y. Motomura, Japan

chapter 65|11 pages

New Capabilities for Vision-Based Posture Prediction

ByL. Knake, A. Mathai, T. Marler, K. Farrell, R. Johnson, K. Abdel-Malek, USA

chapter 66|13 pages

ABMiner: A Scalable Data Mining Framework to Support Human Performance Analysis

ByK. Tang, X. Liu, Y. Tang, V. Manikonda, 1. Buhrman and H. Cheng, USA