During the last nine millennia or so, man has improved the rice plant, increased its productivity and has found various uses of its parts. The story of rice differs from region to region and has been different in different periods of time. There was a time when tax was collected in the form of rice in Japan, the Southeast Asian kingdoms created hyd

chapter 1|24 pages

Domestication and Diaspora of Rice

ByS.D. Sharma

chapter 2|14 pages

Tai Participation in the Spread of Rice Agriculture in Asia

ByJohn Hartmann, Wei Luo, Vinya Sysamouth

chapter 3|46 pages

Rice in Social and Cultural Life of People

ByS.C. Ahuja and Uma Ahuja

chapter 4|30 pages

Domestication of Rice in China and Its Cultural Heritage

ByShengxiang Tang, Songnan Xuan

chapter 5|39 pages

History of Rice Culture in Korea: Origin, Antiquity and Diffusion

ByMun-Hue Heu, Huhn-Pal Moon

chapter 6|29 pages

History of Rice in Japan

ByChukichi Kaneda

chapter 7|42 pages

History of Rice in Southeast Asia and Australia

ByLindsay Falvey

chapter 8|47 pages

History of Rice in South Asia (Up to 1947)

ByMofarahus Sattar, S.D. Sharma and Anil K. Pokharia

chapter 9|36 pages

History of Rice in South Asia (1947-2007)

BySwarna S. Vepa, Mofarahus Sattar and S.D. Sharma

chapter 10|33 pages

History of Rice in Western and Central Asia

ByMark Nesbitt, St John Simpson, Ingvar Svanberg

chapter 11|32 pages

History of Rice in Europe

ByAldo Ferrero, Francesco Vidotto

chapter 12|38 pages

History of Rice in Africa

ByAbd El-Azeem T. Badawi, Milad A. Maximos and Ibrahim R. Aidy, R.A. Olaoye and S.D. Sharma

chapter 13|21 pages

The Rice Industry of the United States

ByPeter A. Coclanis

chapter 14|20 pages

History of Rice in Latin America

ByJ.A. Pereira and E.P. Guimarães

chapter 15|34 pages

History of Rice Marketing

BySushil Kumar, Jabir Ali

chapter 16|27 pages

A Century of Rice Breeding, Its Impact and Challenges Ahead

ByGurdev S. Khush and P.S. Virk