Handbook of Educational Data Mining (EDM) provides a thorough overview of the current state of knowledge in this area. The first part of the book includes nine surveys and tutorials on the principal data mining techniques that have been applied in education. The second part presents a set of 25 case studies that give a rich overview of the problems

chapter 1|6 pages


ByCristóbal Romero, Sebastián Ventura, Mykola Pechenizkiy, and Ryan S. J. d. Baker

part |2 pages

Part I Basic Techniques, Surveys and Tutorials

chapter 2|18 pages

Visualization in Educational Environments

ByRiccardo Mazza

chapter 4|14 pages

A Data Repository for the EDM Community: The PSLC DataShop

ByKenneth R. Koedinger, Ryan S. J. d. Baker, Kyle Cunningham, Alida Skogsholm, Brett Leber, and John Stamper

chapter 5|18 pages

Classifiers for Educational Data Mining

ByWilhelmiina Hämäläinen, Mikko Vinni

chapter 6|18 pages

Clustering Educational Data

ByAlfredo Vellido, Félix Castro, Àngela Nebot

chapter 7|14 pages

Association Rule Mining in Learning Management Systems

ByEnrique García, Cristóbal Romero, Sebastián Ventura, Carlos de Castro, and Toon Calders

chapter 8|16 pages

Sequential Pattern Analysis of Learning Logs: Methodology and Applications

ByMingming Zhou, Yabo Xu, John C. Nesbit, Philip H. Winne

part |2 pages

Part II Case Studies

chapter 12|14 pages

Educational Data Mining to Support Group Work in Software Development Projects

ByJudy Kay, Irena Koprinska, Kalina Yacef

chapter 13|14 pages

Multi-Instance Learning versus Single-Instance Learning for Predicting the Student’s Performance

ByAmelia Zafra, Cristóbal Romero, Sebastián Ventura

chapter 14|12 pages

A Response-Time Model for Bottom-Out Hints as Worked Examples

ByBenjamin Shih, Kenneth R. Koedinger, Richard Scheines

chapter 15|18 pages

Automatic Recognition of Learner Types in Exploratory Learning Environments

BySaleema Amershi, Cristina Conati

chapter 16|14 pages

Modeling Affect by Mining Students’ Interactions within Learning Environments

ByManolis Mavrikis, Sidney D’Mello, Kaska Porayska-Pomsta, Mihaela Cocea, and Art Graesser

chapter 18|16 pages

Data Mining for Contextual Educational Recommendation and Evaluation Strategies

ByTiffany Y. Tang, Gordon G. McCalla

chapter 20|12 pages

Log-Based Assessment of Motivation in Online Learning

ByArnon Hershkovitz and Ra› Nachmias

chapter 21|12 pages

Mining Student Discussions for Profiling Participation and Scaffolding Learning

ByJihie Kim, Erin Shaw, Sujith Ravi

chapter 23|16 pages

Bayesian Networks and Linear Regression Models of Students’ Goals, Moods, and Emotions

ByIvon Arroyo, David G. Cooper, Winslow Burleson, Beverly P. Woolf

chapter 25|13 pages

Anticipating Students’ Failure As Soon As Possible

ByCláudia Antunes

chapter 26|12 pages

Using Decision Trees for Improving AEH Courses

ByJavier Bravo, César Vialardi, Alvaro Ortigosa

chapter 27|12 pages

Validation Issues in Educational Data Mining: The Case of HTML-Tutor and iHelp

ByMihaela Cocea, Stephan Weibelzahl

chapter 28|28 pages

Lessons from Project LISTEN’s Session Browser

ByJack Mostow, Joseph E. Beck, Andrew Cuneo, Evandro Gouvea, Cecily Heiner, Octavio Juarez

chapter 29|10 pages

Using Fine-Grained Skill Models to Fit Student Performance with Bayesian Networks

ByZachary A. Pardos, Neil T. Heffernan, Brigham S. Anderson, Cristina L. Heffernan

chapter 30|14 pages

Mining for Patterns of Incorrect Response in Diagnostic Assessment Data

ByTara M. Madhyastha, Earl Hunt

chapter 32|16 pages

Learning Procedural Knowledge from User Solutions to Ill-Defined Tasks in a Simulated Robotic Manipulator

ByPhilippe Fournier-Viger, Roger Nkambou, Engelbert Mephu Nguifo

chapter 33|14 pages

Using Markov Decision Processes for Automatic Hint Generation

ByTiffany Barnes, John Stamper, Marvin Croy

chapter 34|12 pages

Data Mining Learning Objects

ByManuel E. Prieto, Alfredo Zapata, Victor H. Menendez

chapter 35|12 pages

An Adaptive Bayesian Student Model for Discovering the Student’s Learning Style and Preferences

ByCristina Carmona, Gladys Castillo, Eva Millán