Seed conditioning removes undesirable material including debris and stray seeds from selected raw harvested seed, so as to create planting seed that delivers high yielding crops. This two-volume set provides a major up-date of previously published work. It describes the essential information needed to understand this process and the machi

chapter 1|8 pages

Seed Quality 9

BySupplying High-Quality Seed

chapter 2|3 pages

Supplying High-Quality Seed

chapter 3|11 pages

Role and Principles of Seed Conditioning 23

ByHandling Bulk Seed

chapter 4|8 pages

Handling Bulk Seed

chapter 5|11 pages

Receiving Raw Seed

chapter 7|13 pages

Seed Moisture

chapter 8|31 pages

Drying Seed

chapter 9|9 pages

Moving Seed in Conditioning

chapter 10|33 pages


chapter 11|7 pages

Airlift Elevator

chapter 12|22 pages


chapter 13|24 pages

Surge or Hopper Feed Bins

chapter 14|17 pages

Extracting Vegetable Seed

chapter 15|14 pages

Pre-Cleaning and Scalping

chapter 16|14 pages


chapter 17|14 pages

Brush Machine

chapter 18|8 pages

Scarifier-Huller 269

ByCorn (Maize) Sheller

chapter 19|12 pages

Corn (Maize) Sheller

chapter 20|11 pages

Sugarbeet Seed Decorticator

chapter 21|29 pages

Cottonseed Delinting

chapter 22|13 pages

Peanut (Groundnut) Sheller

chapter 23|96 pages

Basic Cleaning—Air-Screen Cleaner

chapter 24|57 pages

Length Separators

chapter 25|59 pages

Gravity Separator

chapter 26|13 pages


chapter 27|19 pages

Width and Thickness Grading

chapter 28|20 pages

Roll Mill

chapter 29|21 pages

Magnetic Separator

chapter 30|16 pages

Color Sorter

chapter 31|13 pages

Aspirators and Pneumatic Separators

chapter 32|7 pages

Spiral Separator

chapter 33|10 pages

Draper (Inclined Belt) Separator

chapter 34|16 pages

Table Separator

chapter 35|6 pages

Picking Tables or Belts

chapter 36|4 pages

Vibrator Separator

part 37|2 pages

Friction Separator

chapter 38|6 pages

Buffelgrass Seed Cleaners

chapter 39|5 pages

Buckhorn Machine

chapter 40|5 pages

Timothy Bumper Mill

chapter 41|4 pages

Horizontal Disk Separator

chapter 42|4 pages

Horizontal Blower Separator

chapter 43|4 pages

Brine and Flotation Separations

chapter 44|6 pages

Needle Cylinder Separator

chapter 45|4 pages

Dockins Red Rice Separator

chapter 46|6 pages

Electrostatic Seed Separator

chapter 47|4 pages

Resilience Separator

chapter 48|17 pages


chapter 49|12 pages

Installing Conditioning Machines

chapter 50|6 pages

Controls and Control Systems

chapter 51|4 pages

Operating and Monitoring Machines

chapter 52|42 pages

Seed Treating

chapter 53|17 pages

Seed Coating and Pelletizing

chapter 54|13 pages

Dehumidified Drying

chapter 55|22 pages

Bagging and Weighing

chapter 56|5 pages


part 57|2 pages

Forming Final Clean Seed Lots

chapter 58|8 pages

Vaporproof Packaging

chapter 59|20 pages

Handling Clean Seed

chapter 60|11 pages

Seed Cleaning Sequence

chapter 61|7 pages

Small-Scale and Portable Seed Cleaning

chapter 62|19 pages

Designing A New Conditioning Line

chapter 63|10 pages

Mobile Cleaning Facilities

chapter 64|7 pages

Seed Priming