Critical to the successful apprehension and prosecution of criminals, the job of collecting evidence at a crime scene requires knowledge, technical skills, patience, and perseverance. Often this task falls on just one individual — the officer on routine patrol duties who is the first to arrive at the scene of a crime. Written by an expert with seventeen years experience in law enforcement, CSI for the First Responder is a succinct guide on how to secure, search, identify, document, collect, and preserve physical evidence essential for solving a case and making the evidence stand up in court.

A practical, hands-on resource to all aspects of crime scene investigation, this book covers:

  • The approach to the scene
  • Securing the scene
  • Searching for and identifying evidence
  • Documenting the evidence through notes and reports
  • Photography and videotape
  • Sketches and diagrams
  • Collection and preservation
  • The investigative value of different types of evidence
  • Testimony and presenting evidence in court

Enhanced with real-life examples, the book presents case studies implementing the described techniques. The case studies include examples of successful scene security and documentation as well as cautionary tales of erroneous practices with lessons learned. Also included with this book is a Quick Reference Guide on the downloadable resources, which can be downloaded to patrol car laptops or printed and kept in a pocket for easy access. Spanning the entire scope of a case from initial discovery of evidence to courtroom presentation, this one-stop resource enables law enforcement to nail down the evidence they need to prove the crime and get the conviction.

chapter 1|8 pages

- Crime Scene Approach

chapter 2|18 pages

Crime Scene Documentation 10


chapter 3|4 pages

- Evidence

chapter 4|10 pages

- Biological Evidence

chapter 5|8 pages

Trace Evidence 43


chapter 6|18 pages

- Impression Evidence

chapter 7|12 pages

- Firearms Evidence

chapter 8|8 pages

- Documents

chapter 9|12 pages

- Fingerprints

chapter 10|14 pages

Controlled Substances 99


chapter 11|8 pages

- Death Scene Investigation

chapter 12|6 pages

- Courtroom Presentation and Testimony

chapter 13|16 pages

- Case Studies