This book, written and edited by members of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) Game Writing Special Interest Group, follows the acclaimed Professional Techniques for Video Game Writing to deliver practical advice from seasoned veterans on the special challenges of writing for first-person shooter games (FPS), role-playing games (R

chapter 3|10 pages

Writing for Adventure Games

chapter 4|8 pages

Writing for Action-Adventure Games

chapter 5|14 pages

Writing for Platform Games

chapter 8|12 pages

Writing for Sports Games

chapter 9|14 pages

Writing for Simulator Games

chapter 10|8 pages

Writing for Driving Games

chapter 11|14 pages

Writing for Horror Games

chapter 13|12 pages

Writing for Sandbox Games

chapter 16|8 pages

Writing for Casual Games

chapter 17|12 pages

Writing for Handheld Games

chapter 18|10 pages

Writing for Mobile Phone Games