"Leonhard Euler and the Bernoullis is a fascinating tale of the Bernoulli family and Euler's association with them. Successful merchants in the 16th and 17th centuries, the Bernoullis were driven out of Antwerp during the persecution of the Huguenots and settled first in Frankfurt, and then in Basel, where one of the most remarkable mathematical dy

chapter 1|6 pages

The Bernoullis as Huguenots

chapter 8|6 pages

Sundials, and Tutoring in France

chapter 9|8 pages

Jacob Meets with Mathematicians in Paris

chapter 10|4 pages

Jacob Travels to Holland and England

chapter 12|10 pages

Leibniz’s Calculus vs. Newton’s Fluxions

chapter 13|10 pages

Johann Bernoulli Grows Up

chapter 16|8 pages

Jacob Bernoulli’s Mathematics

chapter 18|6 pages

Johann Bernoulli’s Son Daniel Grows Up

chapter 20|6 pages

Leonhard Euler

chapter 21|4 pages

Leonhard Euler’s Early Education

chapter 24|4 pages

The Academy of Sciences at St. Petersburg

chapter 25|8 pages

Euler Begins His Career and Moves to

BySt. Petersburg

chapter 27|4 pages

The St. Petersburg Paradox

chapter 28|10 pages

Euler’s Early Work in St. Petersburg

chapter 30|6 pages

Daniel Bernoulli: A Famous Scholar

chapter 31|8 pages

Leonhard Euler: Admired Professor

Byat St. Petersburg

chapter 32|4 pages

Euler Becomes Blind in His Right Eye

chapter 35|8 pages

Euler’s Scientifi c Work in Berlin

chapter 36|6 pages

Euler’s Work in Number Theory

chapter 37|4 pages

Magic Squares

chapter 39|6 pages

The Basel Clan