A prominent aspect of quantum theory, tunneling arises in a variety of contexts across several fields of study, including nuclear, atomic, molecular, and optical physics and has led to technologically relevant applications in mesoscopic science. Exploring mechanisms and consequences, Dynamical Tunneling: Theory and Experiment presents the work of i

chapter 1|20 pages

An Overview of Dynamical Tunneling

ByEric J. Heller

chapter 2|8 pages

Dynamical Tunneling with a Bose–Einstein Condensate

ByWinfried K. Hensinger

chapter 3|34 pages

Chaos-Assisted Dynamical Tunneling in Atom Optics

ByDaniel A. Steck, Mark G. Raizen

chapter 4|32 pages

Tractable Problems in Multidimensional Tunneling

ByStephen C. Creagh

chapter 5|24 pages

Semiclassical Analysis of Multidimensional Barrier Tunneling

ByKin’ya Takahashi

chapter 7|38 pages

Complex Semiclassical Approach to Chaotic Tunneling

ByAkira Shudo, Kensuke S. Ikeda

chapter 8|34 pages

Resonance-Assisted Tunneling in Mixed Regular–Chaotic Systems

ByPeter Schlagheck, Amaury Mouchet, Denis Ullmo

chapter 10|32 pages

Dynamical Tunneling and Control

BySrihari Keshavamurthy

chapter 11|32 pages

Tunneling of Ultracold Atoms in Time-Independent Potentials

ByEnnio Arimondo, Sandro Wimberger

chapter 12|22 pages

Dynamic Localization in Optical Lattices

ByStephan Arlinghaus, Matthias Langemeyer, Martin Holthaus

chapter 13|28 pages

Control of Photonic Tunneling in Coupled Optical Waveguides

ByStefano Longhi

chapter 14|44 pages

Quantum Discrete Breathers

ByRicardo A. Pinto, Sergej Flach

chapter 15|26 pages

Tunneling in Open Quantum Systems

ByAlvise Verso, Joachim Ankerhold