It is estimated that roughly 1000 new ecological and environmental models join the ranks of the scientific literature each year. The international peer-reviewed literature reports some 20,000 new models spanning the period from 1970-2010. Just to keep abreast of the field it is necessary to design a handbook of models that doesn't merely list them,

chapter |2 pages

Section I. Models of Ecosystems

chapter 1|12 pages


BySven Erik Jørgensen

chapter 2|48 pages

Lake Models

BySven Erik Jørgensen

chapter 3|74 pages

Estuary Ecosystem Models

ByIrene Martins, Joao C. Marques

chapter 4|16 pages

Models of Rivers and Streams

BySven Erik Jørgensen

chapter 5|8 pages

Models of Coral Reefs

BySven Erik Jørgensen

chapter 6|14 pages

Models of Forest Ecosystems

BySven Erik Jørgensen

chapter 8|38 pages

Agricultural Systems

BySøren Hansen, Per Abrahamsen, Merete Styczen

chapter 9|16 pages

Aquaculture Systems

ByBruno Díaz López

chapter 10|20 pages

Models of Wetlands

BySven Erik Jørgensen

chapter 11|46 pages

Wastewater Systems

ByKrist V. Gernaey, Ingmar Nopens, Gürkan Sin, Ulf Jeppsson

chapter 14|22 pages

Models of Pollution by Heavy Metals

BySven Erik Jørgensen

chapter 15|24 pages

Models of Pharmaceuticals in the Environment

BySven Erik Jørgensen, Bent Halling Sørensen

chapter 16|18 pages

Models of Global Warming and the Impacts of Climate Changes on Ecosystems

BySven Erik Jørgensen

chapter 18|22 pages

Simulation of Fire Spread Using Physics-Inspired and Chemistry- Based Mathematical Analogs

ByAlexandre Muzy, Dominique Cancellieri, David R. C. Hill

chapter 19|58 pages

Air Pollution

ByKostadin Ganev

chapter 20|44 pages


ByTomáš Navratil