Recent interest in the health-related, culinary, and biological properties of berries is stimulating new initiatives in berry breeding and production. Breakthroughs in molecular technologies allow genomics-enabled approaches to augment research efforts. This volume documents the basic botany and culture of four major berry crops and follows the sci

chapter 1|40 pages


ByLisa J. Rowland, James F. Hancock, Nahla V. Bassil

chapter 2|23 pages


ByAnna Zdepski, Samir C. Debnath, Amy Howell, James Polashock

chapter 3|50 pages

Raspberries and Blackberries

ByJohn-David Swanson, John E. Carlson, Felicidad Fernández-Fernández

chapter 4|24 pages

Strawberry: Part 4.1 Fragaria History and Breeding

ByPhilip J. Stewart