An emerging topic in software engineering and data mining, specification mining tackles software maintenance and reliability issues that cost economies billions of dollars each year. The first unified reference on the subject, Mining Software Specifications: Methodologies and Applications describes recent approaches for mining specifications of sof

chapter 1|28 pages

Specification Mining: A Concise Introduction

ByDavid Lo, Siau-Cheng Khoo, Chao Liu, Jiawei Han

chapter 2|30 pages

Mining Finite-State Automata with Annotations

ByLeonardo Mariani, Fabrizio Pastore, Mauro Pezze`, and Mauro Santoro

chapter 3|26 pages

Adapting Grammar Inference Techniques to Mine State Machines

ByNeil Walkinshaw, Kirill Bogdanov

chapter 4|28 pages

Mining API Usage Protocols from Large Method Traces

ByMichael Pradel, Thomas R. Gross

chapter 5|46 pages

Static API Specification Mining: Exploiting Source Code Model Checking

ByMithun Acharya, Tao Xie

chapter 6|42 pages

Static Specification Mining Using Automata-Based Abstractions

ByEran Yahav, Sharon Shoham, Stephen Fink, Marco Pistoia

chapter 7|40 pages

DynaMine: Finding Usage Patterns and Their Violations by Mining Software Repositories

ByBenjamin Livshits, Thomas Zimmermann

chapter 8|68 pages

Automatic Inference and Effective Application of Temporal Specifications

ByJinlin Yang, David Evans

chapter 9|48 pages

Path-Aware Static Program Analyses for Specification Mining

ByMuralikrishna Ramanathan, Ananth Grama, Suresh Jagannathan

chapter 10|20 pages

Mining API Usage Specifications via Searching Source Code from the Web

BySuresh Thummalapenta, Tao Xie, Madhuri R. Marri

chapter 11|34 pages

Merlin: Specification Inference for Explicit Information Flow Problems

ByBenjamin Livshits, Aditya V. Nori, Sriram K. Rajamani, Anindya Banerjee

chapter 12|23 pages

Lightweight Mining of Object Usage

ByAndrzej Wasylkowski, Andreas Zeller