Bioremediation, the use of microorganisms to degrade, sequester, or remove environmental contaminants, is an urgent need of our planet for protection and restoration from toxic contaminants. This book not only provides cutting edge information about bioremediation of aquatic and terrestrial habitats, but also highlights the gaps in our knowledge of

chapter |30 pages

Molecular Techniques of Xenobiotic-Degrading Bacteria and Their Catabolic Genes in Bioremediation

ByK. Inoue, J. Widada, T. Omori, H. Nojiri

chapter |43 pages

Bioremediation of Heavy Metals Using Microorganisms

ByPierre Le Cloirec, Yves Andrès

chapter |40 pages

Bioremediation of Petroleum Contamination

ByIsmail M.K. Saadoun, Ziad Deeb Al-Ghzawi

chapter |48 pages

Remediating RDX and HMX Contaminated Soil and Water

BySteve Comfort

chapter |17 pages

Microbial Surfactants and Their Use in Soil Remediation

ByNick Christofi, Irena Ivshina

chapter |49 pages

Phytoremediation Using Constructed Treatment Wetlands: An Overview

ByAlex J. Horne, Maia Fleming-Singer

chapter |18 pages

Engineering of Bioremediation Processes: A Critical Review

Edited ByLisa C. Strong, Lawrence P. Wackett