Over the last century, numerous optical techniques have been developed to characterize materials, giving insight into their optical, electronic, magnetic, and structural properties and elucidating such diverse phenomena as high-temperature superconductivity and protein folding. Optical Techniques for Solid-State Materials Characterization provides

chapter 1|36 pages

Light–Matter Interactions

ByWillie J. Padilla

chapter 2|40 pages

Semiconductors and Their Nanostructures

ByJeffrey Davis, Chennupati Jagadish

chapter 3|32 pages

The Optical Properties of Metals: From Wideband to Narrowband Materials

ByRichard D. Averitt

chapter 4|40 pages

Methods for Obtaining the Optical Constants of a Material

ByHidekazu Okamura

chapter 5|42 pages

Methods for Obtaining the Optical Response after CW Excitation

BySajan Saini

chapter 6|44 pages

Raman Scattering as a Tool for Studying Complex Materials

ByS. Lance Cooper, Peter Abbamonte, Nadya Mason, C. S. Snow, Minjung Kim, Harini Barath, John F. Karpus, Cesar E. Chialvo, James P. Reed, Young-Il Joe, Xiaoqian Chen, Diego Casa, Y. Gan

chapter 8|38 pages

Carrier Dynamics in Bulk Semiconductors and Metals after Ultrashort Pulse Excitation

ByJure Demsar, Thomas Dekorsy

chapter 9|42 pages

Ultrafast Pump–Probe Spectroscopy

ByDavid J. Hilton

chapter 10|26 pages

Transient Four-Wave Mixing

BySteven T. Cundiff

chapter 11|46 pages

Time-Domain and Ultrafast Terahertz Spectroscopy

ByRobert A. Kaindl

chapter 12|24 pages

Time-Resolved Photoluminescence Spectroscopy

ByMarc Achermann

chapter 13|40 pages

Time-Resolved Magneto-Optical Spectroscopy

ByJigang Wang

chapter 14|26 pages

Time-Resolved Raman Scattering

ByDaniele Fausti and Paul H.M. van Loosdrecht

chapter 15|42 pages


ByAlexander Neumann, Yuliya Kuznetsova, and Steven R.J. Brueck

chapter 16|44 pages

Micro-Optical Techniques

ByKartik Srinivasan, Matthew T. Rakher, Marcelo Davanço

chapter 17|44 pages

Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscopy

ByBen Mangum, Eyal Shafran, Jessica Johnston, Jordan Gerton

chapter 18|40 pages

Recent Developments in Spatially and Temporally Resolved Optical Characterization of Solid-State Materials

ByRohit P. Prasankumar, Antoinette J. Taylor