Groundwater is an indispensable resource in many parts of the world, where it supports domestic water supply, irrigated agriculture and industry. Its increased, and often intensive, use during the last half century has created problems and raised concerns regarding the potential depletion of local aquifers, water quality degradation and various geo

chapter 2|16 pages

Chapter . 2Groundwater resources management in Japan

ByKenji Jinno, Kuniaki Sato

chapter 3|12 pages

Groundwater management for sustainable water resources utilization in China

ByBingchenWang, Xilai Zheng and Guoqing Lin

chapter 4|12 pages

Groundwater issues and management in the North China Plain

ByYangwen Jia

chapter 5|26 pages

Groundwater management practices and emerging challenges: Lessons from a case study in the Karnataka State of South India

BySekhar Muddu, Yusuf Javeed, Soumya Bandyopadhyay, Sylvain Mangiarotti, Pierre Mazzega

chapter 6|10 pages

Groundwater management in Kandi region of Jammu Province, Jammu & Kashmir, India

ByJammu & Kashmir, India Vikas Sharma and Uttam C. Sharma

chapter 8|12 pages

Role of groundwater in theTehran water supply

ByHamid R. Jahani

chapter 9|16 pages

Groundwater in Spain: Legal framework and management issues

ByJorge Molinero, Emilio Custodio, Andrés Sahuquillo, Manuel Ramon Llamas

chapter 11|8 pages

Management issues for the EdwardsAquifer,Texas (USA)

ByRandy J. Charbeneau and CharlesW. Kreitler

chapter 12|22 pages

Economic benefits of expanded groundwater storage in the Central andWest Coast Basins of Southern LosAngeles County

ByDavid L. Sunding, Stephen F. Hamilton, Newsha K. Ajami

chapter 13|14 pages

Sustainable management of groundwater resources in parts of Arid SouthAustralia

ByIan F. Clark, Lynn A. Brake

chapter 14|12 pages

Groundwater quality management practices

ByEduard Hoehn

chapter 15|16 pages

Protection of groundwater environments

ByFritz Stauffer

chapter 16|16 pages

Impacts of below-ground structures on the groundwater environment and their management

ByKuniaki Sato andTakayuki Ueno

chapter 17|46 pages

Geological hazards due to groundwater pumping and/or artificial recharge

ByJiang Li, Zhuping Sheng

chapter 18|12 pages

Groundwater-related laws in Japan

ByKuniaki Sato, Katsuhiko Shichinohe andTakayuki Ueno

chapter 19|8 pages

Groundwater-related laws, regulations and standards in China

ByBingchenWang, Xilai Zheng and Guoqing Lin

chapter 20|22 pages

The EU groundwater regulatory framework

ByPhilippe Quevauviller, Johannes Grath, Andreas Scheidleder, Balazs Horvath