Impedance Spectroscopy is a powerful measurement method used in many application fields such as electrochemistry, material science, biology and medicine, semiconductor industry and sensors. The International Workshop on Impedance Spectroscopy is an international workshop addressing fundamentals and applications of impedance spectroscopy. This book

part |2 pages

Modeling of impedance spectra

chapter |6 pages

Impedance of nonlinear current or voltage dependent devices

ByJ. Kowal & D.U. Sauer

chapter |12 pages

Time domain simulations of constant phase elements using IIR filter

ByU. Tröltzsch, P. Büschel & O. Kanoun

part |2 pages

Material measurement and testing

part |2 pages

Eddy current sensing

chapter |4 pages

Precise eddy current impedance measurement of metal plates

ByO. Märtens, R. Gordon, M. Rist, M. Min, A. Pokatilov & A. Kolyshkins

chapter |8 pages

High-speed impedance measurement for inline process control of hot-rolled rods

ByJ. Weidenmüller, C. Sehestedt, O. Kanoun & J. Himmel

part |2 pages

Bio and environmental applications

part |2 pages

Measurement methods

chapter |6 pages

Measurement concept for broadband impedance spectroscopy analysers for process applications

ByY. Zaikou, A. Barthel, T. Nacke, U. Pliquett, M. Helbig, J. Sachs, J. Friedrich & P. Peyerl

part |2 pages


chapter |10 pages

The impact of decreasing chloride concentration on the corrosion state of steel in alkaline solution

ByT. Eichler, A. Faulhaber, K. Weidauer & B. Isecke