Informatics in Medical Imaging provides a comprehensive survey of the field of medical imaging informatics. In addition to radiology, it also addresses other specialties such as pathology, cardiology, dermatology, and surgery, which have adopted the use of digital images. The book discusses basic imaging informatics protocols, picture archiving and

part |24 pages

Section I: Introduction to Informatics in Healthcare

chapter 2|10 pages

Informatics Constructs

part |58 pages

Section II: Standard Protocols in Imaging Informatics

chapter 3|14 pages

Health Level 7 Imaging Integration

chapter 4|28 pages


part |149 pages

Section III: Key Technologies

chapter 6|14 pages

Operating Systems

chapter 9|10 pages


chapter 11|10 pages

Efficient Database Designing

chapter 14|20 pages

Multimodality Imaging

part |34 pages

Section IV: Information Systems in Healthcare Informatics

part |44 pages

Section V: Operational Issues


Section VI: Medical Informatics beyond the Radiology Department