This book focuses on the fundamental concepts and physical and chemical aspects of pulsed laser ablation of solid targets in liquid environments and its applications in the preparation of nanomaterials and fabrication of nanostructures. The areas of focus include basic thermodynamic and kinetic processes of laser ablation in liquids, and its applic

chapter 2|46 pages

Computer Models of Laser Ablation in Liquids

ByLaurent J. Lewis, Danny Perez

chapter 5|30 pages

Dynamics of Liquid-Phase Laser Ablation

ByKoichi Sasaki

chapter 6|28 pages

Emission Spectroscopy of Laser Ablation Plume in Liquid

ByLiquid Tetsuo Sakka

chapter 8|42 pages

Semiconductor Nanoparticles by Laser Ablation in Liquid: Synthesis, Assembly, and Properties

ByHaibo Zeng, Shikuan Yang, Weiping Cai

chapter 11|24 pages

Laser Ablation in Flowing Liquid

ByQian-huo Chen and Wen-gong Zhang

chapter 16|40 pages

Nanostructures’ Formation Under Laser Ablation of Solids in Liquids

ByE. Stratakis, G. A. Shafeev

chapter 17|92 pages

From Nanocrystal Synthesis to Nanomanufacturing: Laser Ablation in Liquid

ByP. Liu, X. Z. Lin, J. M. Yu, G. W. Yang

chapter 18|66 pages

Laser-Induced Breakdown in Liquid and at Solid–Liquid Interface

ByArpita Nath, Alika Khare

chapter 19|129 pages

Laser-Induced BacksideWet Etching: Processes, Results, and Applications

ByKlaus Zimmer, Martin Ehrhardt, and Rico Bo¨hme